Friendships are a special gift. But what can you do when life takes you to different sides of the world? It can be difficult to deal with the distance. It’s always a rush going on that big trip, traveling half the country, just to see your friend, with a nice gift in your luggage.

Rather than letting an important friendship fade away due to time and space, use fun occasions and random times throughout the year to bring or send your bestie gifts that say, “I’m thinking of you.” Yes sure, you can always give them a silver chain or a white diamond necklace, but there are many more cool ideas.

Here are some unique gifts for long-distance friends that will help keep your friendship alive.

1. A mug that will offer some everyday reassurance

Despite the fact that you can’t be with your companion IRL doesn’t mean you’re not there in soul. This mug will give them some constant reassurance (and afterward they can call you ASAP). Track it down for $10 at Urban Outfitters.

2. A women’s activist riddle for the companion who prefers a test

With 500 pieces, your companion may need to put in a few days on this one. You may even get one for you and see who completes it first. Track it down for $20 at Uncommon Goods.

3. A light for the pining to go home companion making it in the huge city

Regardless of whether they found a new position or just moved into a pristine loft, there’s a Homesick Candle for pretty much anything and anyplace. Furthermore assuming your companion is feeling the loss of their home express, there’s a flame for that, as well. Track it down for $30 at Homesick Candles.

4. A significant distance light that will illuminate their life.

This significant distance companionship light will sparkle at whatever point one of you contacts it to remind the other individual you’re thinking of them. Track down the arrangement of two for $170 at Uncommon Goods.

5. An edge for the companion who has observed each scene of “Companions” twice

There’s consistently that one companion who knows each scene of “Companions” and they’ll cherish this photo placement that seems as though the one Monica had. Additionally, you can really place an image in this, as well. Track it down for $18 at Urban Outfitters.

6. A substantially more rich variant of a beaded kinship wristband

Your companion’s presumably got a kind nature and this wristband will show them the amount you love them. What’s more, it’ll go with anything in their closet. The wristband serves as a tangible symbol of your profound love and appreciation for your dear friend. With its versatile design, it effortlessly complements any ensemble in their wardrobe, effortlessly adding a touch of elegance to their personal style. As you adorn their wrist with this remarkable piece, it not only showcases their kind and nurturing nature but also serves as a constant reminder of the unbreakable bond you share. Explore our extensive collection of custom cloth wristbands at 4inlanyards, an esteemed online store renowned for manufacturing high-quality accessories.

7. A standard message

Disregard a plain postcard. This message craftsmanship print will remind your companion that you’re thinking of them and afterward, you both can accomplish something considerably more current: Facetime. Think of it as a bargain for $18 at Rifle Paper Co.

8. An exceptional conveyance that will show up hot to their entryway

Assuming that your companion continues referencing how they’re longing for a cut of chocolate cake from their beloved bread shop yet are excessively occupied, you can utilize Postmates to send them something particularly amazing.

9. Their beloved mixed drink, shaken or blended

While you probably won’t have the option to toast IRL, you can have their beloved beverage conveyed right to them. It’ll be party time for you two. You can utilize Drizly or Saucey and c hell out our manual for other liquor conveyance administrations, as well.

10. An inflatable monkey bank for your next experience together

Young ladies simply need to have fun(ds). Presently you can set aside your next (and genuinely necessary) excursion or get-away. Furthermore, it’s difficult to oppose this interpretation of a stash. Track it down for $60 at Shopbop.

11. A formula tin so both of you can trade supper mysteries

Assuming that your companion can’t quit asking you how you make your exceptional one-pot chicken, you can send her the formula so she can begin her own culinary assortment. Track it down for $38 at Anthropologie.

12. A kitchen towel for the companion who misses your boozy early lunchtime

We should toast to this towel, which includes each sort of toast you can imagine. Also assuming that your companion loves avocado toast and mimosa, this current gift’s certain to make them grin. Track it down for $22 at Anthropologie.

13. A nervy, sweet 16 ounces glass

Recollect your school days when you used to remain up together until sunrise? All things considered, regardless of whether you can in any case cheers (basically) with this sweet 16 ounces glass. Track it down for $8 at Urban Outfitters.