Searching for a few useful tips on how to avoid drinking on vacation? Well, you’ve reached the right place. But let’s face it, who doesn’t love vacations? It’s the perfect time to unwind, forget about the harsh realities of the world, and let yourself loose from the tight pressure of your everyday life. Vacations are days of freedom where one can spend the day without worrying about accomplishing a specific task. 

But, for recovering alcoholics, going on vacations might be a little challenging. When the words “fun” and “freedom” come together as a standard of your day, it’s hard not to include alcohol. But, if you’re passionate about getting sober, enjoying your dream vacation without the presence of liquor is not an impossible thing to do, and yep, we’re here to prove it to you!

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, don’t be afraid to reach out to alcohol and drug rehab centres that will professionally and privately help you with your journey to sobriety.

After your rehabilitation, when you decide to take a breather and treat yourself with a dream vacay, we have laid down some useful tips you can follow to avoid the temptations of relapsing during your fun trip.

Useful Tips on How To Avoid Drinking on Vacation:

Engage in activities that don’t involve alcohol

It would be best if you searched about the different travel spots and other tourist activities to do at the place you’re planning to go to and plot a schedule that you can follow upon arriving.

If you’re in a foreign town with little to no plans of how you will spend your days, you will almost inevitably find yourself in a bar or any similar establishment just to keep yourself entertained. 

Planning your schedule ahead of time will help you get preoccupied about accomplishing your planned activities instead of thinking about drinking.

Why do you want to have this vacation? Make sure you’ve set your intentions

Before you start your trip, you may want to picture out how you want your vacation to go. Live instead of worry. It would be nice if you find yourself experiencing joy rather than feeling worried if you could survive the whole trip without drinking or other things that might go wrong. 

To establish a lasting experience you genuinely desire, focus on the good things you want to achieve and learn rather than the temptations and other things you are concerned about.

Why focus on drinking when you can eat?

In the journey to sobriety, one might redefine the definition of fun and what it means to have one. Just because you aren’t out there, getting drunk doesn’t mean you can’t have an enjoyable time. 

If you can’t drink, you can eat! Enjoy some of the local delicacies your vacation place is known for. Forget about your diet for the duration of your trip and treat yourself with the foods you won’t usually get back home. It would be a remarkable experience.

Disconnect with the world, but not on your support system

Your support system might be your best buddy, family, or any loved one, even your very own therapist. Even if you’re doing well with maintaining your sobriety, it is advisable to have someone whom you trust around.

Someone that is always a text, call, or tap away when you are experiencing things relatively new to your normal routine and discovering a lot of “firsts” throughout your vacation.

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Challenge yourself and enjoy evenings outside of bars, restos, and pubs

Finding alternatives to alcohol is essential to maintain abstaining from it. It will be a good idea during a vacation if you check the area to see if any fun gatherings, concerts, or other events are scheduled. Cultural events are another enjoyable way to spend an evening out without even thinking of getting drunk. You just get naturally lost in the moment.

Other helpful tips you might do to get through your vacation without drinking are:

  • Start your day right by doing some stretches and a quick exercise before exploring the place you’re currently staying.
  • Instead of alcoholic beverages, try to drink a bit healthier and make your vacation time your water therapy time.
  • Spend your day exploring local stores and shopping for some souvenirs for your loved ones at home
  • Grab this vacation time to finish a good book
  • Find a good spot in the place you’re traveling, perfect for meditation.

No task is impossible to accomplish if you have the right amount of perseverance, hope, and courage. Overcoming alcohol addiction is certainly not an easy job, but this doesn’t mean you can’t do it and you don’t have a chance to enjoy life.

I hope these tips will help you avoid drinking on your next vacation. Don’t be afraid to take that trip, ride that plane, and discover that place. Like how you did well in your rehab, you will also enjoy an alcohol-free vacation.

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