London is an incredible city, and it deserves to be on the bucket list of avid travelers. While the city boasts countless attractions, it can get overwhelming to see them all during your first trip. Cost is another concern because it is an expensive tourist destination. But you can explore everything and have the best time without spending a fortune. You only need to make some apt choices and follow simple hacks recommended by seasoned travelers. Here is a short London travel guide that first-timers in the city can rely on.

Skip school breaks and bank holidays

London is a popular city with myriad attractions, so you can expect it to be crowded throughout the year. July and August make the peak season, and it will be a lot more expensive if you visit during this phase. Skipping school breaks and bank holidays is also a good idea as tourists from around the UK travel to the city in large numbers. Opt for off-seasons to see the city without burning a hole in your wallet.

Have sufficient time

A first-timer in London requires to stay for at least a week to see everything the city has to offer. If you cannot schedule a week-long trip,  postpone it for a while because you will not want to miss out on anything. Research well before landing and have a checklist of destinations to cover. It is a great idea to have a rough itinerary at hand to cover everything within time constraints.

Stay in Central London

Without any doubt, you must choose a hotel in Central London for your first visit. It may sound exorbitant, but you will end up making massive savings on your commuting costs during the trip. There are creative ways to save on hotel rent. For example, you can find a luggage storage facility to store your luggage while traveling and get an extra day by booking a late-night flight. Staying in this area saves time as everything is accessible. It is easier to fit all the sightseeing into your itinerary when you can save hours on your daily commute. 

London Travel Guide
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Check free attractions

Another helpful tip for first-time tourists in London is to check free attractions. Fortunately, there is much you can see without spending anything. You can explore free museums like the National Gallery, British Museum, Natural History Museum, and Tate Gallery. Visit parks and gardens, markets, and shops to get the feel of the city. While there is much to see for free, budget for paid attractions too.

Eat like a local

London offers an immense range of culinary delicacies, but food and drinks are expensive in the city. The best piece of advice is to eat like a local and look beyond posh restaurants and pubs. You can seek advice from locals or research online to find budget dining options in the city. Buy packaged salads and sandwiches from a corner store and enjoy a picnic in a park. Try a mix of everything, from low-cost meals to fine dining experiences.

Your first trip to London should be the most memorable one without costing a massive sum. You will probably want to return and see more, but it will be less daunting and even more exciting the next time.

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