Life in the mountains is vastly different from city life. The vibe there is natural and offers people mesmerizing views. Several people develop an urge to go on a hike or mountain camping trip to break free from mundane everyday life. They feel mountains call them and enjoy being high above there either in solitude or with a group of friends. 

Several people hike as it keeps them fit and gives them an adrenaline rush. Numerous people love sleeping under the sky on steep slopes; thus, they do not mind taking a strenuous trip. Mental health problems are becoming prevalent. An increasing number of people suffer from depression. Many doctors advise people to go on a mountain trip and spend time away.

Regardless of the reason behind hiking, people say their mountain camping trips are full of adventures, and they create lifelong memories and bonds on such hikes. An increasing number of people are developing an interest in mountain camping trips and are willing to take up the arduous journey. 

Mountain camping trip requires planning and preparation. Several people want to enjoy the thrill and go on adventurous trips. They want to go fully prepared and raise questions about the things they should take.

The first question that pops up in every hikers’ mind is about the spot. The Great Smoky Mountains have become a famous tourist spot. Several people visit Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to hike in the mighty mountains.

The best part about this place is the campgrounds. The campgrounds in Gatlinburg TN are ideal. There are 120 full hookup campsites available, ranging from prime river frontage to woodland sites. On the second island, they also have tent sites on the river with water and electricity, among all the amenities.

Coming back to the essentials, these are some of the must-haves for your next mountain camping trip:

1. Flashlight

One of the most essential items for a camping trip is a flashlight. People might think that the moon would illuminate high above and that they’d easily navigate in the moonlight. They might get a shock upon realizing that some nights moonlight will not be sufficient and the nights are pitch dark.

A high beam lamp or flashlights makes it easier for campers to enjoy the nights under the open sky. While packing for camping on a mountain trip, people must get a high-quality flashlight and check its batteries before taking a journey. 

2. Sunscreen

Campers generally don’t worry about their skin and hair. Contrary to popular ideas, sunscreen is not only to keep the original skin of color and keep it from turning black. Exposing skin to direct sunlight for long durations can lead to many skin-related diseases and other health issues.

Sunscreen works as a shield against harmful sunlight and prevents ultraviolet rays from entering the skin. Whether people go on heights for camping or take a short trail to put up a camp, they must keep a sunblock and wear it every day to stay safe. Aside from sunscreen, a cap and cotton gloves are also must-have items for a camping trip. 

3. Tent

People might be surprised to know that many campers forget to carry a tent along with them while going on a camping trip. Either they embark on hiking without any plan, or they leave in a hustle-bustle that they forget to pack the essential item for their mountain camping.

Campers must check their tents beforehand to see if they’re in proper condition, can zip up easily, and are not ripping apart. Moreover, they must also focus on the material of the tent, and make sure it’s not easily torn. Carrying a tent up to the mountains is challenging. Ensure that one person doesn’t carry the load alone throughout the journey.  

4. Emergency Kit

Campers consider them rough and tough and feel that they can easily survive small cuts, bruises, and wounds. Still, you must pack an emergency kit that contains a first-aid box. Remember that accidents happen without warning, and contacting a doctor in the mountains may not be possible.

A survival kit containing campers’ towel toothbrush, soap, band-aids, a small pair of scissors, instant pain reliever, and other things is necessary. Campers must keep every scenario in their mind and should not leave anything on chance. They should keep essential items handy to survive the days.

5. Insect Repellent

Nature is open not only for humans but for all the species on the earth. Campers understand that they are never alone in the mountains. Many species consider humans camping on mountains as an invasion of their space. They may attack campers and make their stay troublesome.

 Bugs and insects are everywhere and can ruin the entire trip for campers. A wise approach is to make your bid, carry an insect repellent, and not let these creepy crawlies ruin your trip. People can purchase a small bottle that is easy to move and use only in the time of need to keep insects at bay. 

6. Snacks

People take camping trips as picnics and generally do not forget their snacks. They look forward to having their favorite snack items in the open air while enjoying the views. Campers should understand that carrying loads on mountains can be challenging, and they must pack only the needed items.

Many campers like to cook on trips and prefer having a camping stove along with cooking essentials. The secret is not to go overpack and take loads to heights. Instead of packing many food items, they must have nutritious snacks that last them for required days. 

7. Multi-tool Kit

Camps on mountains mean that people do not have access to nearby markets and stores and are on their own. Campers must carry a multi-tool kit with a screwdriver, pliers, nails, and other tools they can need on their trip. Aside from a multi-tool kit, they must also pack a map, navigation tool, or compass to guide them if they get lost in the mountains. 


Camping on mountains sounds fun and exhilarating, but it is physically and mentally demanding. People must have nerves of steel and the adventurous streak that pushes them to hike on heights and sleep under the sky. People who love hiking comment that their feelings after walking and the mountains’ views are inexplicable.

They understand that camping on mountains requires them to step out of their comfort zone, but they love the thrill it brings. People must have their backpacks, hiking boots, flashlights, maps, and other essential items while going on a trip. They must take sufficient water and snacks along to stay hydrated and have food. Camping on mountain trips gives people unforgettable memories that they cherish their whole lives.

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