Are you planning your yearly vacation to your destination of choice? Have you already thought about your accommodation? If not, wait with your decision and read this beforehand…

Booking a place to stay is among the most important decisions of your trip. You need to know some basics, so it becomes easier to decide on a suitable place. Your goal should be to enjoy your trip. Hence it is necessary to ensure a comfortable stay instead of being stuck in a dingy rental. Not to mention, your requirements will change depending on whether you’re traveling solo or with friends and fam. That said, listed below are a few tips that will help you book the ideal accommodation for your vacation.

Choose the location carefully

Choosing the right location to stay at can enhance or ruin your entire trip experience. Therefore select a location that provides access to major tourist attractions. A centrally placed lodging is excellent if your primary objective is to sightsee. However, you want to enjoy some serenity, look for a place that is a little more distant from the hustle-bustle of downtown. You can use the internet to calculate distances and the time it takes to reach places you’re interested in.

Are you traveling with pets?

If yes, then this is an essential consideration to factor in while choosing accommodation. Not every hotel is pet-friendly. Hence it would be best to search online for hotels and rentals that allow your little furry creatures to accompany you.

For example, if you’re traveling down south near the Smokys in the state of Tennessee to experience some quality country entertainment and scenic beauty with your little dog or cat, search for pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg before making a reservation. This way, you’ll ensure that your beloved pet is with you and well kept and pampered.

Check prices and ratings

If you’re traveling on a budget, don’t forget to check prices. You can choose to stay in a cheap motel and save money for other experiences and activities such as shopping. Sometimes you can even find cheap hostels to stay in that provide excellent value for money if you’re traveling solo. 

Similarly, do pay heed to ratings. Consider staying in a high-rated hotel that provides luxuries if you’re traveling with your lover or want to be pampered. Ratings often determine the level of service you can expect to experience at a particular hotel. Therefore, try to balance comfort and affordability to ensure an enjoyable trip.

Moreover, it’s important to remember that prices can vary depending on how you search and book. Use incognito mode to prevent websites from tracking your search history and potentially offering higher prices. You may also find better deals booking directly with the accommodation provider rather than using a third-party website.

Consider condo rentals or apartment 

Au contraire, you don’t have to book a hotel when traveling. What’s great about renting an apartment or condominium is that they usually provide more space, comfort, and privacy than a hotel room. They’re like living in your own home away from home. This form of accommodation is typically found in downtown areas and provides tourists with fully furnished spaces with more amenities than hotels. They’re also ideal if you’re traveling with other people since they save the cost of booking multiple rooms.

Furthermore, many apartments today are available for accommodating guests for a longer period, typically 30 days or more. They’re a perfect option, especially if you’re unsure how long you’ll stay in a particular city for your next holiday. 

Like other types of accommodations, long term serviced apartments come with various facilities, such as a kitchen, a gym, or laundry. They also offer more privacy since you’ll have space to relax and unwind after a long day. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best accommodation for a longer holiday vacation, long term serviced apartments can indeed be a great option.

Are you traveling solo or with your family?

When traveling with family, you must balance everyone’s requirements and comfort. If you’re traveling with kids, ensure you pick a kid-friendly hotel. Look at the essentials like play areas, hypoallergenic bedding, and cribs. Check out what resources are available to families, such as babysitting, subsidized children’s meals, and medical services. The location is also crucial. You won’t want to book a hotel near an adult night market if you’re traveling with kids. In this case, you should choose child-friendly accommodation. This could mean a place with a pool, playground, or a kids’ club.  

Beware of hidden charges

Never assume that the hotel pricing includes all charges while making the initial reservation. Unreasonable costs, such as high taxes and meal prices, can take you by surprise when it’s time to check out. It’s a good idea to get a breakdown of all the possible hidden charges and expenses beforehand. You can look up information on the Internet, but it would be better to call ahead before making a reservation.

Additionally, always read the fine print as hidden charges often lurk there. If you’re booking through a third-party website, inquire about any hidden charges at the time of booking. By comparing prices across various websites and travel agencies, you can ensure the best deal and avoid any surprise costs.

Check the amenities

Amenities can make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Check out for features such as a spa, gym, hot tubs, and free Wi-Fi. However, sometimes these features may come with additional expenses. Therefore, opt for a place that provides them for free. It’ll help you save money and avoid extra charges that could offset your entire budget.

Check online reviews

Last but not least, pay heed to online reviews and what previous customers actually have to say about the place you are considering staying at. You will find various websites that provide helpful information about the level of service and comfort one can’t expect. By reading reviews, you will learn about other peoples’ experiences and will be able to make a better-informed decision. Do read the ones that highlight specifics, such as food quality, cleanliness, room service, and management issues. If you are not planning to have your meals in the hotel, you don’t have to cancel out options because the food was terrible.


Traveling is fun. However, booking the right place to stay can make or break your trip. This article mentions several tips that you should consider when booking a room. Prioritize the location so that you can accomplish all your vacation goals. If you’re traveling with pets, ensure the place is pet-friendly. Similarly, book a hotel in a family-friendly neighborhood if you’re traveling with pets. You can also consider staying in rented apartments and condos for more privacy. Last but not least, review pricing details, ratings, possible hidden expenses, and what people have to say about the place online. Once you’ve shortlisted your choice, make a reservation and enjoy your trip.

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