Do you travel to different places and want to showcase your experience in a video? It is interesting to note that the volume of viewers for travel videos on social media platforms has increased in recent times. There are two ways of how to make a travel video. The first one is to broadcast a live travel vlog, and the other is to make a video by combining travel clips.

There is not much to say about live travel vlogs, as there are no additional editing efforts to be added. However, if you are looking to merge your travel clips to create a professional video, there are some editing processes to follow. Read on to know how to make an engaging travel video.

Use a reliable video maker

The built-in editing options in mobile devices and desktops are not as functional as dedicated editing tools. An online video maker will help you in decreasing the time taken to make professional travel videos. An online video maker will provide you with various features like transitions, filters, color grading, stickers, and more. You should use a reliable video maker that will provide you with multiple premade templates. Editing can help you fix various issues with your travel videos, like audio noise and dim lighting.

Get basic shooting gear

If your travel videos are shaky or lack clear audio, viewers might skip your video. To ensure high-quality travel videos, you will have to get basic shooting gear. If you are a beginner at making travel videos, there is no need to buy expensive shooting equipment. You can get an affordable camera or lens that would work better than a mobile camera.

The must-have gadgets for travel video creators are a DSLR/SLR camera, tripod, backup storage space, and extra batteries. You also need to invest in good-quality headphones and microphones for capturing clear audio. If there is still some choppy audio in your video, it can be fixed during the editing process. You can also use a gimbal stabilizer to make sure your travel videos are not shaky.

How to Make a Travel Video
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Pre-plan your videos

Do you have a decisive plan about how you will shoot your travel videos? It is a good idea to have a definitive plan on what type of travel video you will shoot. Professional video creators can merge various travel clips with the aid of a video maker even without a decisive plan. However, for beginners, it is advised to plan your content to avoid any confusion while making the travel videos.

Try various shooting angles

The most basic fault of newbies at making travel videos is the lack of creativity. Who is stopping you from trying various shooting angles and perspectives? A travel video filmed from only the front angle will be less attractive than a video with multiple shooting angles. You can try numerous filming angles for your travel videos, like the front angle, top angle, and side angle.

Make sure that you add smooth transitions from one filming angle to another. It is advised to make smooth transitions from one filming angle to another when something is in motion. Transitions from one angle to another when the subject is in motion will provide a seamless viewing experience.

Add sound effects

Besides a narrative voice or original audio of the surroundings, you can also add some sound effects to make your travel videos more engaging. For example, you could add some thunder or rain sound effects for a video clip featuring rains to make it more appealing. Audio and video go hand-in-hand, and it would be awkward to showcase travel clips without any audio. If nothing comes to your mind, you can add a relatable soundtrack or music to engage the audience. You can add any sound effect relatable to your video, but don’t leave the video idle without any sound. An online video maker can help you in adding royalty-free sound effects to your travel videos.

Make the introductory part appealing

The introduction part of your travel video sets the tone for the viewers. Studies have shown that viewers decide in the first few seconds whether they are going to watch a travel video or skip it. You should work on making your introductory part most appealing. Make sure that you convey the most unique points of the travel video in the introduction part. You can add some catchy music and the best shots/clips in the introduction to attract the audience.

Optimize your travel videos for multiple devices

You may be using a desktop to create/edit your travel videos but, you need to think about other devices as well. You should optimize your videos for a better viewing experience on mobile devices as well. You will also need to edit your travel videos’ resolution and aspect ratio based on different social media platforms. A video optimized for a particular social media platform may not run perfectly on some other platform. Make sure to check the aspect ratio of your travel video before uploading it to a social media platform.

Follow a story-based approach

You may have watched many travel videos that depict the story of a place, person, or structure. Stories tend to attract viewers more than any other theme. For example, if you are visiting a historic structure, you can share its history with people to make it more appealing. Instead of making the video more about yourself, try to make travel videos on a particular location or object.

While visiting any location, try to get some shots of the local people. It will help in highlighting the culture of that particular location. One can also try to take some close-up shots of the local people for making interactive travel videos. Remember to take their permission before capturing their videos. You can also talk to them and include those clips in your travel videos.

In a nutshell

As a beginner who wants to make travel videos, you must upload and share consistent travel videos to build an audience. Start using a reliable video editor for making professional travel videos. People love to know about the culture of other countries, and you can capitalize on that!