One popular way to have an enjoyable experience in the ocean is by riding a boat. If you don’t have one, you can avail boat rental for you and the people you’re going with. Renting a boat is a brilliant way to experience boat ride without thinking about the cost of keeping, buying, and owning one. Thus, it’s perfectly fine to rent a boat and enjoy the hot weather in the middle of the ocean. 

However, if you’re new when it comes to boat rentals, there are things you may need to know first. After all, renting a boat is not always easy as there are certain things you need to consider. To help you have an enjoyable and safe experience with your first boat riding experience, here are five things you must know about boat rentals.  

5 Things To Know About Boat Rentals:

1. Know Your Options

For those who don’t know, boat rentals can offer you too many choices. Too many options will only make it harder for you to settle on a decision. So, before you go ahead and start your search, you can narrow it down by looking on the top Miami boat rentals available. This way, your search will be limited to the top quality or bestselling boat rentals in the area. This method will also help you see customer reviews from different boat types. If some of them have lower review scores, you can take them off of your list.  

The next thing you must consider is the number of passengers that you’ll be bringing with you. Some boats can carry as much as 12 persons, while some boats can only take 4 to 5 persons. Remember that the cost will vary depending on how many persons will be accommodated and how large the boat you will rent. That’s why it’s recommended that you and your companions should plan on how many passengers will be on the final count. 

There are also boat rentals that charge an hourly fee, while some will charge it per day. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions and see if you can negotiate a better deal.  

2. Be Well-Informed About Local Laws

Most boat rental companies will inform you about their local laws before they hand you the keys of the boat. However, it’s always best that you’re aware of this before you arrive at the boat rental destination. The last thing you’d want to happen is to arrive at the destination only to find out that none of you can proceed with the boat rental since none of you is legally allowed to drive it. Although there are no special permits needed for you to operate a boat, numerous countries usually ask their customers to have at least a driving license so they can use the rented vessel. However, if you opt to rent a boat with a captain, then you and your group are good to go.

3. Understand the Boat Rental Agreement

Boat rental companies are also managed by a set of legal agreements. Thus, you need to thoroughly understand each discussed part of this document before completing your rental payment. Some of this legal agreement includes: 

  • Liability – One of the critical aspects discussed in this document is the liability provisions in case damage has been made during your rental hours. Make sure you understand which potential damages are you liable for and how much cost will be charged.  
  • Proper Boat Operation – It’s the company’s responsibility to properly explain to you the correct way of operating the boat. This is to ensure you and the passengers are safe while assuring that the boat will not be damaged due to reckless operation. 
  • Waiver – All boat rental companies will issue a waiver that states that you are responsible for the safety of the passengers and the rented vessel during a specific date and time. Make sure to read the rest of the statements as well, so you know what you’re signing up for.

boat rentals4. Be Prepared for the Rental Deposit

Boat rental companies will ask you for a rental deposit before your booked date. This is a way of protecting their boat and ensuring that clients will take full responsibility for the vessel. The rental deposit can vary for each company. Thus, you can ask them how much they charge for the deposit so you can prepare it ahead. Don’t worry, as they will return your deposit money after you’ve completed your boat ride. However, if you’re still unsure or haven’t understood how your deposit will be refunded, don’t hesitate to ask them more questions.

5. Closely Inspect the Boat Before Finalizing 

Finally, the most important thing you must never miss before finalizing the rental process is to check your boat. Although rental agents typically take you on a boat tour before you complete the rental, you also have to closely inspect both the inside and outside to see if there are any existing cracks, scratches, or damaged equipment. This ensures that you won’t be made liable for these damages by the time you return them. 

You and the rental agent must also conduct a complete inventory so you can check if it’s complete with safety items and first aid kits. This way, you and your passengers know where the safety items are placed if an emergency arises.

The Bottom Line

These points listed above are the things you must remember when dealing with boat rentals or going on your boating adventure. This will help you have a smooth process in choosing and renting your boat until the time you return it. Most of all, don’t forget to enjoy your boat riding experience. After all, that’s your goal of renting a boat in the first place, so enjoy and ride safely.