We all love to eat, but not everyone has turned their love for eating into a business. One of the most sought-after professions nowadays is blogging. Blogging is writing about a certain niche and sharing it with people who enjoy that particular subject matter. Food blogging takes a lot of patience, research, skill, and knowledge. It also involves being able to beautifully tell a story that everyone can relate to. While blogging usually evolves from your love for writing, you can turn it into an income-generating activity. You’re going to enjoy it because aside from doing what you love, you also earn at the same time. But how? Here are some tips to do that.

  1. Making great recipes. We all love food, but we love it better when it’s well-prepared. In food blogging, you don’t just get to cook for people and share the meal with them. You need to make a good recipe that they can follow so they can cook it themselves, especially if they don’t know you. When you own a food blog, you can post your recipe there, or better yet, you can ask your audience to subscribe to your email list so they can see that you plan to offer them something for a price! This can be a recipe for your meal of the month, a coupon to a restaurant you made a review of, or even a free and signed copy of your book!
  2. Collaborate via social media. When you cook and prepare a meal, you need ingredients. Sometimes, ingredients can be quite expensive. Thus, you can reach out to different social media accounts, especially big supermarkets and food delivery services like DoorDash, and let them know that you’re a food blogger and that you would like to collaborate with them and feature them in their blog. Likewise, when they find that you have a good following, they will not only give you freebies, but they will also advertise and feature you in their social media accounts. Nothing comes for free now, and big and small companies alike make sure to compensate talented individuals fairly, especially if that certain individual is valuable to their brand’s growth.
  3. Conduct training. Now that your blog is known and people know your food is great, people will reach out to you and ask you to give them a hand or provide training for their companies. You can train company employees from the food processing sector, represent different brands, and even make your own create your own class where people can reserve a slot to get in. All these are income-generating activities that you can do while food blogging. People pay a lot for experts, and it is always a great honor to be taught by someone who is knowledgeable in that certain field.
  4. Write a book. You’ve already written hundreds of food blogs and articles. Why not take it to the next level? You can start writing your own book. Writing takes a lot of time to finish, but it’s only difficult when you’re still trying to conceptualize your manuscript and the story you want to relay to your readers. You can write a story about yourself and how you fell in love with food. This could be a big hit to those who are following you. Aside from this, you can write a cookbook that contains all your dishes as well as the instructions on how to follow and achieve your recipe. A lot of people purchase cookbooks, and this can be your chance to show the world what you’re really made of. Likewise, you can conduct book signing activities and meet and greets. Aside from being all excited to see your fans and meeting them in person (and vice versa), you will not only become famous but you will be earning a lot as well.
  5. Add advertisements to your blog. Once you gain a lot of traffic on your field due to a large following, you can sign up with advertising networks to monetize your blog. How does it work exactly? Well, when someone visits your blog and clicks on one of the ads that pop out, you will earn money. 
  6. Offer photography services. When you do your blog, you don’t just write a few articles and leave it at that. You need to make sure there are images included. And since you’re a food blogger, you will need to take photos of the food you prepare. You don’t just grab stock photos online. Thus, you are challenged to learn photography as well as the proper lighting to take your photos. You will even learn how to arrange your food and create flat lays to make them presentable. It’s not easy because it requires skill and an eye for art. Thus, you can offer the skill you learned in photography to other people who require it.
  7. Be a YouTube vlogger. You’re already a sensation via your website. Why not take advantage of that and become a vlogger on YouTube as well? In vlogging, you can earn money once you have thousands of subscribers and a few hours of streaming. You can make a video of yourself cooking and preparing your meals and upload the video for your followers to see. In no time, you will be earning as much as six figures if you are consistent in uploading videos at a set schedule.


In blogging, you need to keep your image, and you need to be present at all times. In the long run, you cannot avoid earning from what you’re doing. As time passes by, more and more people will find you, and these people will be demanding more from you because they idolize you. Thus, it is your duty not to leave them high and dry. You can write reviews of different restaurants, show them where to find the best fish restaurants in New York or Canada, surprise them with a new recipe, etc. Although this might be exhausting, always take it as a good learning experience and a chance to improve yourself and your craft. Many people will wait for your updates and some will even want to see you in person. Continue to find innovative ways to keep your audience entertained without burning yourself out in the process.