Drinking wine has become the norm in many societies. It can be a wonderful beverage to drink and have as part of our diet. Some people choose to go all out and buy the best quality bottles they can afford. Others are happy with an occasional glass of wine.  

Some people take the luxury of drinking wine to another level by going to places where it’s made. Visiting vineyards and wine production sites is a must for any wine lovers. 

So, if you’re looking for a good post to find the best destinations to drink wine, you’ve come to the right place as this article will list down four places to go for you to experience great wine.  

A Short History of Wine 

The history of the wine bottle dates back to Rome. Ancient Romans believed that wine had magical powers. They would even go to great lengths to acquire the drink that had been drunk by the gods. 

However, it appears that this practice only began after they conquered other countries. For centuries, wine was only available in small quantities by aristocrats and royalty and was reserved for celebrations and gatherings. 

As the Middle Ages progressed, wine became widely available in public and even during wars and battles. Many of the wines produced during this time were made from a combination of grapes, fruit, herbs, and spices. It became increasingly popular, and its reputation spread from the wealthy to the poor. 

During the early modern times, wine became widely popular as well. This is mainly due to European settlers’ growing population and their demand for wines to be enjoyed at home. 

The French and the Dutch were not far behind, and the English were using wines that were as good as the Europeans. Even the Portuguese enjoyed this popular beverage. 

As the beverage began to spread across Europe and America, it became even more popular but, unfortunately, was illegal for much of the time. Although wine was available for those who could afford it, the drink’s demand wasn’t high enough to justify the expense.  

Understanding Wine 

The magical alcohol is made from the juice from the grape’s skin. The skin is left on for a certain amount of time after fermentation, after which the fruit is removed. The juice is then used to make red and white wine. All kinds of wines are created through the process. 

Recommended wines for beginners are Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Syrah. There’s also rose wine, which is increasing in popularity in the United States.  

Red wine, which is the most popular, uses Merlot, which is a French grape variety. It’s very smooth and fruity and often paired with food with a bit of tartness.  

White wine, which is equally popular, is made with Merlot and Chardonnays. It can range anywhere between light and full-bodied, to heavily fortified wine. In general, lighter whites are less expensive than dark ones. 

great wine

Best Places To Enjoy Great Wine: 

1. Finger Lakes In New York City 

There are many wineries in New York City, each of which offers something different for its patrons. This means that no matter what type of wine you like, there’s likely a winery that’ll have something for you to enjoy. 

To help you explore all the different wineries, you can easily find a great wine tour of New York. This will allow you to walk around and see the different parts of the vineyard.  

The first stop you want to make before heading to New York City is the Finger Lakes region. This is located in the northeast part of the state and is known for the many different types of wine that can be found here. There are many wineries in this area that you won’t even know what you have left if you don’t take a tour.  

2. Napa Valley, California 

As more Americans turn toward the more mainstream American wines, the top places for a good wine are fast disappearing. California, however, continues to lead the country in wine consumption.  

A winery tour in Napa County is one of the most popular things to do while traveling through the area. There are many different things to see–from the historic architecture to the vineyards. 

You can even take a tasting tour that offers you some amazing wines along the way, helping you avoid buyer’s remorse. These wineries often have their tasting rooms so that you can try some of their great products and find out if they will be a good fit for your own drinking needs.  

Many restaurants and bars are specializing in red wines. Some of these establishments are owned by winemakers who enjoy bringing in quality and serving it to their customers in special dishes.  

3. Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux France 

Les Cordelier is a winery that’s in-between the ruins of a fourteenth-century Franciscan monastery. Les Cordelier is a very popular place in the Lyon area. 

It’s the main center of commerce in the Lyon region and has several restaurants, bars, and boutiques for you to enjoy. For those who like the arts, there are also museums and other attractions. 

There are several prominent monuments along the square, including the Eglise Saint-Boncourt and the Palais des L’Orient. The area is also the location of the Lyon Cathedral. Along with all these, there’s an interesting history of the Cordelier. 

4. Douro Valley, Portugal 

If you’re looking for a place to vacation that’s both beautiful and romantic, you’ll love the wine-producing areas of the Douro Valley, Portugal. You can take many beautiful activities in the Douro valley, one of the most popular of which is a relaxing 2-hour river cruise.  

Several vineyards are close to the Douro valley, allowing you and your family to enjoy the beautiful landscape surrounding these vineyards. Some of the most popular grapes used to make the wine are Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlots.  


There are many other beautiful places to enjoy wine. In the US alone, many wineries offer beautiful scenery so you can enjoy the experience of tasting and more. There are also beautiful places you can go in Europe like France and Portugal. If you’re a lover of great wine, make sure these places are on your travel bucket list.