While it’s great to get out of the city, some people simply don’t have the time to. Bloomberg notes that big cities continue to swell and small ones are surging in popularity, showing the number of people continuing to reside in urban centers. For those people, it’s a great idea to try and get to the spa. There are a myriad of benefits that rest and relaxation in a spa environment offers, and many can have a direct positive impact on problems associated with the city. Here are some good reasons you should get a spa treatment soon.

A holistic approach

While spas have the initial distinction of being cosmetic in their work, many spa treatments are now tailored to the holistic healthcare approach, looking to benefit mind, body and spirit. The idea is that you walk out of a spa feeling refreshed, both in terms of your stress levels and your self-esteem. This is especially important in urban environments. Studies show that the bigger the urban area, the more stress people tend to experience, and it’s little wonder that CNBC have shown 10 of the USA’s biggest conurbations to be centers of stress. Look after yourself by taking the time to free yourself of your worries.

Medical effects of a Spa Treatment

In addition to giving mental benefits, a spa treatment has proven medical benefits. While long-term skincare may be better in the hands of dermatologists, Time magazine has noted the effectiveness of spa treatments in short to medium term care of skin, and the fact that the reduction of stress can help to reduce aging effects to boot. There are solid foundations for your treatment, meaning that money is well spent.

Sleep and sickness

This all-in holistic approach can help you in your day to day job. Indeed, a study of Japanese workers found that those using the spa regularly had better sleep and fewer sick days, improving their productivity, and reducing work-related stress. The key is in choosing the right spa treatment – look for relaxing treatments that are aimed at improving blood flow, such as reflexology and massages. These will give you great long term benefits when compared to simply cosmetic procedures.

Bringing all of these factors together will give you a wonderful experience out of the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day life. Treat city spas as an oasis of calm: a place where you can disengage from your stress and give yourself a bit of recuperation.