In my latest article for the Huffington Post, I tackle the subject of trees. Not climbing them or hugging them, but growing them while on vacation. As I’ve learned from having stayed in at least one hotel every month for the past three years, it’s easy to put a little piece of paper next to the bed or stack of rolled towels and talk about not laundering things for the good of the planet if we Morse code to housekeeping not to. What’s truly impressive is when hotels take on the role of conservationist and educator and inspire guests to care about protecting an ecosystem by getting them involved, getting their hands dirty in the earth.

“On your next adventure abroad or across the country, why not consider a getaway that gives back to the environment? From a lodge in Africa to a castle in Ireland, these 10 eco-conscious hotels will make it easy and fun for you to help the earth by planting trees (with or without you) when you book a room or green package–or simply order a green martini.

Tree-toid: Did you know that just one tree can soak up as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year and produce enough oxygen to sustain two human beings for life?”

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Photo: Courtesy of Maya Ubud Hotel