Poutine—a greasy bechamel of fries slathered in gravy and cheese curds—is about as easy for an American to dismiss as curling or ice hockey. It’s just the type of handiwork we’d expect of the country that took our ham and called it their bacon. Except that they were right: Canadian bacon does sound way cooler […]

5 Pointz in Queens

At an abandoned factory in Queens, the four stories are dripping in Technicolor graffiti, and curbed by people who’ve turned their bodies into a canvas of blue ink and silver piercings. This is 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center. Here in Long Island City, the guerilla artists—and the underrepresented communities they come from—have found a place to […]

There’s no shortage of kayak outfitters helping New Yorkers get out on the Hudson. Several of them will even do it for free. But of those, few allow you more than 15 minutes on the water. Even fewer will let you paddle beyond a netted square along the shore, the boater’s equivalent of a kiddy […]

Sri Lanka in Staten Island

The last time I ate authentic Sri Lankan food, I was squatting in the streets of Colombo, scooping rice off an aluminum thali with my bare hands. That was nearly three years ago. Since then, the legendary NY Dosa cart in Washington Square Park run by a Sri Lankan named Thiru is about as close […]

Arthur Avenue Market

If you’re in the neighborhood, having planned a day of cultural errands that include the New York Botanical Garden or the Bronx Zoo, you’ll want to add Arthur Avenue Retail Market to the agenda. An area not yet revamped and pushed into the 21st century, Arthur Avenue still has tables of old men dining in […]