The Best Family-Friendly Shows On Broadway Right Now

Family-Friendly Shows On Broadway Right Now
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A trip to the theatre can be a very magical and memorable experience, particularly when you go with your nearest and dearest to see something truly special. From Disney to JK Rowling, there are a number of wonderful shows on stage right now, so you can find something to suit all ages. 

So, if you’re looking for something to do with the whole family, Broadway is the place to be this year. There are so many incredible shows that everyone will enjoy; the tricky part is narrowing down which one you’re going to watch. 

Well, we have some good news. If you’re planning your next trip to the theatre, this guide is for you. But we will share details of five family-friendly shows you can watch on Broadway right now. 

Get your tickets right away. 

The Lion King

This spectacular stage adaptation of the Disney classic, The Lion King, has graced stages around the world since it opened in 1997, and it is every bit as magical now as it was then. 

Well, let’s face it, 90 million people around the world can’t be wrong, can they?

Showing this year at the Minskoff Theatre on Broadway, this performance is a treat for all the senses as puppets and spectacles of animals dance through the audience and fill the room with color and energy. Every member of the family is guaranteed to fall in love with this beautiful coming-of-age tale. 

Watch this to get a glimpse:


Set in the Plains of the Serengeti and taking inspiration (and songs) from the 1994 movie, you’ll follow Simba on his long journey back to the Pridelands after he is banished for the death of his father. 

This emotional story of love and friendship is accompanied by an award-winning soundtrack featuring classics like “Circle of Life” and “He Lives in You”. Showing until August this year, the running time is around two and a half hours with an intermission, and the show is recommended for those aged six and up. 


If you love the Wizard of Oz or even just tales of an unlikely friendship, then Wicked is the show for you. Playing at the Gershwin Theatre until August, this spellbinding musical gives a brand new perspective on the Wicked Witch of the West. 

Following the story of bubbly Glinda and Elphaba the outcast who are studying at university together, an unlikely friendship is born. 

Then, an encounter with the Wizard tests their loyalties in an extravaganza of music and magic that will have you singing along. Including hits like “Popular” and “Defying Gravity”, along with an all-star cast, the whole family will be taken on an emotional rollercoaster of female friendship, love, and trust in a battle against prejudice. 

Watch this trailer of Wicked on Broadway:


But just in case you’re still not sold, the show has had 10 Tony Award nominations, and there are currently talks of a film adaptation too – so you know it’s good! 

Wicked has a slightly longer running time of two hours and 45 minutes, including an intermission, and is recommended for children aged five and up.


Returning once again to Disney, the next show on our list is the magical adaptation of the 1992 classic movie Aladdin, featuring Aladdin and his magical Genie. 

This year, Aladdin will be playing at the New Amsterdam Theatre and is bursting with comedy, toe-tapping music numbers and incredible sets. In fact, the show has proved so popular it has been nominated for five Tony Awards, including Best Musical. 

As the story goes, when Aladdin finds a magic lamp that releases a Genie, he couldn’t have imagined how much his life was going to change. With a chance to make his dreams come true, he really does find it’s a whole new world. 


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 The choreography and music will sweep you away on an enchanting journey, featuring some of the classics like “Prince Ali” and “A Whole New World”, as well as many of your favorite characters. 

This show will also be taking to the stage until August and has the same running time of two hours and 30 minutes with an interval. Although this is a family-friendly show, because of the length of the performance, it is recommended for those aged eight and up. 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 

Sticking with the magical theme, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is currently showing at the Lyric Theatre. The show sold out in just a couple of days when it opened at London’s Palace Theatre, and it has smashed records since then by winning nine Olivier Awards. 

Created as a sequel to the seventh Harry Potter book, audiences are reunited with Harry and the gang 19 years later. Now a husband and father, Harry’s children struggle under the weight of his legacy and soon come to learn that all these years later, darkness still follows him around. 


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 This has quickly proven to be one of the most famous shows on Broadway, and there are plenty of unexpected twists, turns and magical moments along the way. 

This brand new wizarding adventure will be showing until the summer, but some of the darker themes mean it is better suited to children over the age of 10. There is also a run time of just over two and a half hours. 

Blue Man Group

The last show on our list is The Blue Man Group, playing this year at Astor Place Theatre.

Prepare to have your inner child released as three blue men take to the stage for a show of laughter, music and surprise. Yes, you read that right! 

Watch this:


This old-style comedy features circus mimes, clowning around and lots of technical effects that the kids will love. If you really want to get involved, you can sit in the front row and put on your ponchos to protect you from the food and paint flying off the stage. It’s perfect for kids that love to laugh and make a mess. 

And though it might be a little unconventional, more than 35 million people around the globe have enjoyed the Blue Man Group over the years, and now it’s your turn to join them. 

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