7 Best Day Trips from New York City On A Low Budget

Best Day Trips from New York City On A Low Budget
Fire Island. Photo by Julian Bracero on Unsplash.com

Searching for day trips from New York City on a low budget? You’ve reached the right place. “It’s not a business trip, so I should enjoy myself” is what you probably think as you try fitting things into your free time. You don’t have the time for an entire weekend getaway, and prefer to go on a one-day trip, but where exactly should you tour?

The challenge you have when planning getaways isn’t really about the destinations, but the costs to get there and have fun. You have many options to consider when planning a getaway, especially when considering the following day trips from new York city. So let’s check out some places you should consider, that will match your budget, but before that – consider your transport means. 

Should You Get a Van Rental For Your Trip?

Enjoying a vacation relies on proper planning, and you need to put significant effort into planning a trip well. One crucial factor you must include asides from finances is your transportation since it affects your energy for fun. If you’re a big group of friends or family that can split the costs – renting a van can be a great idea.

Prioritizing a Van Rental in NYC is your best bet for a stress-free road trip that can potentially cut your costs. Hiring a passenger van rental in New York guarantees cars in good condition and a driver based on your request. You won’t need to worry about driving or issues arising from bad car conditions when on the road. Since you understand the importance of proper transportation, it’s time to check the best day trips from new York city.

Best Day Trips From New York City You Should Consider

You get a thrill when you pick out some places to tour in advance. Planning vacations you enjoy means matching your taste with your time and budget, especially in New York. There are many lovely places to tour in New York, so you will usually get the best for your buck. So, here are some budget-friendly ideas for the best day trips from new York city on a low budget:

  1. Breakneck Ridge
  2. Fire Island
  3. Oyster Bay, Long Island
  4. Oktoberfest, Beer Mountain
  5. Storm King
  6. Delaware River
  7. Botanic Garden, Brooklyn

1. Breakneck Ridge

The Breakneck Ridge will work your mind out with the name alone, and it gets slightly straining with the terrain. However, you tend to enjoy it if you love engaging in sports and mountain climbing activities alone or with friends. 

The location rewards you, and it’s not only about the views but also great spots to shop on the summit. The view is excellent since you can see the Delaware River, another budget-friendly place to tour. Prepare to go all out because the ridge demands 40 minutes of moving on all fours due to the terrain.

Watch this clip to get a glimpse into what a day trip to Breakneck Ridge can look like:


2. Fire Island

You should consider touring fire island (see the featured image above!) if you want to get the feel of life on an island. It’s not a flaming settlement like the name suggests, but it would give you a run for your money. 

You get to enjoy the experience of several distinct settlements and beaches that are available there. It’s a great substitute for the Hamptons (which are more expensive!), and you can tour during summer and winter. These two seasons give you different views to enjoy and make memories on a budget, with your family or friends.

3. Oyster Bay, Long Island

Long island is grand if you love seafood, and it gets better if you love oysters and their surrounding delicacies. There are plenty of events happening on Oyster Bay, which bring seafood lovers together and theme the events with delicious oyster dishes for everyone.

These are lovely events you can enjoy within a one-hour trip from the city and they usually take place in September and October. Check out the different events in Oyster Bay. The fun doesn’t involve food alone since it’s accompanied by music and crafts to spice it all up.

Watch this clip to find out more:

4. Oktoberfest, Bear Mountain

Your journey to Bear Mountain would likely not make you encounter any bears, but there are many other things to enjoy. One is the famous event called Oktoberfest, held there by several new York city residents far and wide. 

They all want to celebrate something outside the city, and you can join them. The event brings forward drinks and is accompanied by a German culture theme for you to enjoy while making memories. Ensure you don’t forget to bask in the Hudson valley views while taking a break from the city.

Day Trips from New York City On A Low Budget
Bear Mountain. Photo by Andrew Kim on Unsplash.com

5. Storm King

This lovely place is a location for art lovers, especially those who love solid art pieces like sculptures, statues, and much more. You only need an hour to arrive at the Storm King Art Center from New York City. 

It’s a chance for relaxation that you plan with this weekend trip from NYC, be it alone or with friends. Consider matching your tour with the different events they organize in the location by checking out the Art Center website. Despite the frightening name, you shouldn’t worry about any storm, but the sculptures will astonish you like an incoming storm.

Day Trips from NYC On A Low Budget
Storm King Art Center. Photo by Tammy Chan on Unsplash.com

6. Delaware River

The Delaware River is a sight to behold. This well-known natural treasure flows 330 miles from New York through another three states, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. It spans over 13 thousand square miles (its basin size) and moves to join the Atlantic in Delaware Bay. 

The area this river passes through in New York has an amazing forest theme that will be an unforgettable choice for your short getaway. You can get canoes and paddle across the river for some fun aquatic action. Strolling along the river banks is also a fun option, especially if you aren’t in the mood for water activities. Find out more detailed info here on Tripadvisor.

Watch this video and you’ll want to be there asap:

7. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden 

Yes, it’s in the city, but for some, it feels like a day trip away, so we added this wonderful place to our list. Your finances will show you gratitude for the Botanic Garden’s affordability when included in your travel plans. It’s a location in Brooklyn that doesn’t attract a long drive or added costs while giving you great sceneries – as you were out in nature. 

The Japanese Hill-and-Pond garden and all the Japanese horticultural collections make you feel like you are on a journey far from home despite still being in NYC. Enjoy the view of the Japanese-style garden and the beauty of koi fishes swimming in the ponds. You might not get to see cherry blossoms, but you can tour the place anytime you wish since the gardens open every day. For more info – check the BBG site.

Day Trips from New york city
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Photo by Rhythm Goyal on Unsplash.com


Planning your vacation with some good tips like these day trip ideas is great, but matching your budget is key. You need to relax and make unforgettable memories in these locations without straining your finances and getting stranded with no solution. Above is a good list of budget-friendly locations you can consider when planning your weekend trips from New York City.