Cool CBD Coffee Shops in Brooklyn You Should Visit

CBD Coffee Shops in Brooklyn
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CBD oil has become a popular trend in the health and wellness community recently, and legalization has helped catapult this substance to new heights of popularity. Legalization has also allowed the industry to grow, and now CBD products are everywhere – from pharmacies, dispensaries, and shops to online retailers such as DankStop. Coffee shops are beginning to capitalize on this trend by not only offering CBD-infused coffee but also a variety of other CBD products such as THCV Gummies, edibles, and more, catering to the growing demand for diverse CBD-infused items among their customers. If you’re looking for a unique experience and want to experiment with some of Brooklyn’s best CBD coffee shops, keep on reading because we have compiled a list of some of the most popular coffee spots that offer the best CBD coffee in Brooklyn. 

Muz Muz Shop & Café

Muz Muz shop & Café is located at 269 Graham Ave Brooklyn. This is not just any coffee shop; they also offer other CBD products such as CBD flower, pre-rolls, salves, pain creams, tinctures, skincare, edibles, and other THC products. 

This brand deals mostly with organic and vegan products that customers love. They work directly from the farm to the city. Their menu includes an extensive list of tea, coffee, matcha, root & herb latte options, and cacao. Visitors describe the shop as cozy and beautiful, with greenery inside creating a stunning vibe.

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The Caffeine Underground 

Located at 447 Central Avenue, Brooklyn, the Caffeine Underground is an underground Brooklyn coffee shop. This coffee shop aims to bring “the underground into the spotlight,” and they support the local community of diverse people, which includes “creatives, intellectuals, geeks, freaks, musicians, artists, creators, makers, dreamers, LGBTQIA, and anyone who wants to break the mold,” as they put it. 

This café is eclectic in décor with art installments from local artists and mismatched furniture. Caffeine Underground also hosts different events weekly, such as a film viewing or an open mic. 

Loud Baby

Located at 696 Flatbush Avenue, store 3 Brooklyn, the Loud Baby is a little coffee shop with an upstairs loft that visitors absolutely adore. The coffee and service at this coffee shop are incredible, with customers loving their almond croissants. This coffee shop has a relaxing vibe that is perfect for those wanting to grab a cup of CBD coffee. The staff always serves warm tea, coffee, and home-baked goodies. 

Brooklyn Tea

This lovely place is situated at 524 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn. Customers love the welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff that offer great suggestions on what you should order off the menu. The coffee shop is quiet, making it a great place to enjoy your cup of CBD coffee and get some work done. There is also a large selection of loose-leaf teas for those who don’t drink coffee. Check out some more reviews of Brooklyn Tea on Yelp.

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Planted Cafe

Planted is a local cafe serving plant-based and certified organic food. Everything is made from scratch in the house, and you can find everything you need to feel recharged. They have a variety of delicious food and drinks that will leave your taste buds smiling from ear to ear. 

The decor is beautiful, with plenty of outdoor seating available for those warm days or cool evenings. As the name suggests, it’s not just a vegan cafe, but they also specialize in plants. They feature beautiful selections for NY apartments and houseplants as well. 

Café Joah 

Located at 212 Avenue A, New York, Café Joah is the last café we will be exploring on our list of CBD coffee shops you should visit in Brooklyn. The staff is super kind, their coffee is yummy, and they offer a nice selection of food and pastries that visitors love. Joah is a Korean coffee shop with Joah meaning “I like” in Korean, so when you say the name “Café Joah,” you are actually saying “I like Café.”

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