Ideas For An Amazing Intimate Wedding In NYC

wedding in nyc
Central Park. Photo by ector Argüello Canals on
Planning to celebrate your wedding in NYC? Looking to have an intimate event? We’ve got a few tips for you…
A huge surge of 650,000 weddings is expected to occur in 2021, increasing the total number of weddings held to 2.77 million up from the usual average of 2.12 million, the Wedding Report reveals. Still, couples are celebrating their big day with smaller budgets and reduced guest counts. Fortunately, NYC is the ideal location for small, intimate weddings that feel just as special as a big, expensive event.

3 Ideas For An Amazing Wedding in NYC:

1. Choosing the rings

Exchanging wedding rings during your ceremony symbolizes the lifelong love and commitment shared between you and your partner. Choosing your wedding rings is, therefore, an important consideration; you need to settle on a design that you both connect with and will enjoy wearing for life. For example, a classic metal wedding band in either gold, platinum, or sterling silver is a popular style of ring for men. Metal bands are a timeless design that suit men who prefer an understated look. Alternatively, black wedding bands make a stylish statement with either a high-shine or matte finish. For women, vintage ring styles are currently on-trend. For example, beaded accents or French lace detailing create a subtle, elegant look.

2. Take the ferry to Governor’s Islands

Governor’s Island is only an eight-minute ferry trip from South Street Seaport. It’s a little oasis in the heart of NYC perfect for a small ceremony with your closest friends and family. The Admiral’s House, for example, is the ideal setting for exchanging your vows complete with beautiful views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Everyone can then take a tour of the island and enjoy a relaxed picnic in the park. Food trucks are also available around the Island.

3. Have a public park wedding

NYC is home to an endless variety of people from all walks of life, all contributing to the city’s unique magic. By holding your wedding in a public park, you can incorporate this magic into your big day as fellow New Yorkers can stop and watch your ceremony if they want. All you need is an officiant and license and you can get married in any public park of your choosing. Close your ceremony with a champagne toast before heading for drinks and further celebration at a nearby cocktail bar. 
NYC is the ideal location for a memorable, intimate wedding. By choosing the right rings and settling on the perfect spot for your ceremony, you’ll throw a wedding to remember.