19 Best Live Music Spots to Visit in NYC

Best Live Music Spots to Visit in NYC

Planning ahead for the day that most places will reopen again? Searching for a good list of live music spots in NYC? Well, you’ve reached the right place. The uplifting mood of New York City is always best paired with live music. Whether you’re lounging with friends, out on a date, or just casually having some alone time, live music instantly brightens up the ambiance. Chill out and enjoy these spots around the city that never sleeps with live music.

19 Live Music Spots in NYC To Visit This Year: 

1. Marie’s Crisis

The famous piano bar in NYC is keeping the spirit of music alive again. Reopening with its famous red door, Marie’s Crisis is set to make show-tune fans joyful again. They have been streaming music online, but they are getting back up for an all-out performance.

2. Wild Birds

Dance along with the groovy music of Wild Birds in Brooklyn. Their groove-based music has jams from all over the world including rocksteady, cumbia, afrobeat, soul, and dirty gospel among others.

3. The Grange Bar and Eatery

This spot is a casual eatery with an upbeat tempo. It has a set of cozy booths, antique chandeliers, and brick-lined walls. Aside from the enthralling ambiance, they have live jazz music every Sunday which makes the place more lively and sophisticated.

4. Sunny’s Bar

A chill place in the city that has a variety of live music performances that has survived a lot of pandemics is no other than Sunny’s Bar. They have been around NYC for years and nothing will stop them from giving out their best live performances in whatever circumstance.

5. The Beatrice Inn

Do you want to have an upgraded New York City evening at night? The Beatrice Inn lets its customers experience a breezy outdoor dining experience with a background of live music from the city’s local artists. They serve huge meat portions, a staple one in the West Village. Local artists take out the mic and even have acoustic sessions sometimes.

6. Canary Club 

If you love music nights on weekends, Canary Club is the place to be, according to guys at Guitar Junky. This is especially true if you want a vibe of New Orleans. Canary Club hosts live music every Friday and Saturday outdoors, with some of their customers having meals around. 

7. Dante

If you are not into late-night dinners with some live music, enjoy having an afternoon delight at Dante. They have live music with outdoor dining every Friday. They play out jazz music and swing from NYC’s homegrown artists.

8. Loulou

Have a fancy dinner with jazz music in the background at Loulou. This French-inspired restaurant hosts a soiree every Monday night with some live jazz. They also perform Sunday afternoon performances and some Brazilian brunch outs.

9. Clinton Hall

Chilling out on a weekend is made simpler with some live music at Clinton Hall. They have upbeat tunes every Friday to Sunday with some weekly regular performers. They have an indoor seating and outdoor beer garden. Your pals will never run out of beer while they enjoy some music in this breezy setup.

10. The Iridium

If you are into rock and roll, The Iridium should be the spot you should focus on. It is the home stage of the rock icon Les Paul. It is an underground space that lets you enjoy the typical American meals with some upbeat tunes.

11. Club A Steakhouse

Romantic dinners are made extra with some live music at the Club A Steakhouse. Enjoy a great meal at this restaurant as they take their flavors to the next level with their own take of filet mignon, sea bass, or a ribeye steak. 

12. Gertrude

Bored with the typical breakfast set up? Enjoy your cup of coffee with some live music at Gertrude. This Australian café has one or two musicians that make mornings every weekend an extra special one.

13. Arturo’s

Arturo’s is a local favorite for a reason. They have the famous coal oven pizza that residents love. They also have some jazz music to pair their tasty and flavorful pizzas with.

14. Club Groove 

Never lose the rhythm of today’s beats with R&B music from Club Groove. They have live music for their customers every single night and even play funk and soul tunes.

15. The Rooftop at Pier 17 

The live music venues of New York City can be found all over Manhattan. This does not exempt The Rooftop at Pier 17 with their live outdoor concerts.

16. Arlene Grocery

The rock scene of Arlene Grocery has been established since 1995. Their live music is very much alive to this day.

17. Mercury Lounge

This spot is probably the best one for up and coming artists. Mercury Lounge has been attracting the crowd with its excellent music programming. They also have fair ticket prices, which excite music lovers even more.

18. Baby’s All Right

The existence of Baby’s All Right is among the best reasons to head to Williamsburg for a good time. It is one of the places to go to for live hip hop music in New York City. The spot generally has an electric genre. They also have indie-pop and rock music performances every now and then.

19. Rough Trade

Originally a record store, Rough Trade has grown so much from a tiny performance area. Rough Trade in New York is its first shop outside of the United Kingdom. They have concerts where artists sign records after the show.

They also have acoustic sessions on weekends, and fans can even score a listening party even before the official album release.

Live music around New York City is a staple. Enjoy listening to upbeat tunes, jazz music, or even some mellow tunes, alone or with some pals in the heart of the city. These spots are not hard to find, and it is common for these restaurants and cafes to have live performances every weekend.

Live Music in NYC
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I hope you’ll enjoy this list of best live music spots in NYC. Whether you want to relax on a weekend or have a date on a random night, New York City has these spots for every resident or tourist to enjoy. The city that never sleeps will never run out of spots for live music.

Which of these music spots would you visit soon when in New York City?

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