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A Laudable Feast


Where: Church of the Messiah and Monsignor McGolrick Park, Greenpoint

When: Saturday August 8th, 5:00-8:00 p.m.

Why: Who says you have to wait until winter to indulge in the conventional trappings associated with holiday regaling? Certainly not the organizers of FEAST: Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics. This local community group of 15 do-gooders wants You at its next grandiose public supper party. Outside on Saturday, art enthusiasts will bid on which new and emerging art makers are most deserving of the night’s pot of donations, meant to fund future projects.

This weekend, the organization will host its first outdoor picnic with food prepared by local chefs at OneandSupp and beer served by Beer Table, courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery. “We’re not talking about a piece of fried chicken and mash potatoes, said Jeff Hnilicka, lead collaborator for Feast. “These are amazing meals using local organic produce that people really respond to. Its food coming out of the Brooklyn foodie community so it will have a Brooklyn stamp on it.” Current grantees—the anthrogeographical Great Trans-Gowanus Cable, explorative dance through Work for Pay, and the local currency initiative through The Brooklyn Torch Project—will all be in attendance with presentations of their projects, which were awarded grants in May.

Stop by to mull over art, amuse your bouche, and mingle with the community; you’ll walk away satisfied on many levels.

Cost: $10-$20 suggested, but everyone is welcome

How to get there: Take the Uptown V. Exit at 23 Street-Ely Avenue/44 Drive. Transfer to the G train from Court Square Station heading to Brooklyn/Smith 9th Street. Get off at Nassau Avenue, exit at the intersection of Nassau and Manhattan. Head East on Nassau towards Leonard St. Make a right onto Russell. For a full description of each project and upcoming FEAST’s, visit feastinbklyn.org.