Baltimore’s Waterfront Invasion Has Prehistoric Exhibits That Will Freak You Out

What: Baltimore Waterfront Invasion

When: Now Through September 6

Where: Baltimore, MD

Why: Late this spring, lo-fi ads started assaulting the Baltimore airwaves with B-movie graphics promising a “Waterfront Invasion” this summer. Luckily, it’s much less sinister than the British invasion that besieged the harbor in 1814: The Maryland Science Center and the National Aquarium have teamed up with two exhibitions, one focused on jellyfish, the other on dinosaur fossils unearthed in Asia.

At the aquarium, curators make the case that “brainless, bloodless, boneless” blobs deserve more than our scorn. Instead, the prehistoric creatures are key environmental indicators, able to telegraph the health of our oceans. As many as nine different species will be floating around the aquarium, along with multimedia presentations that further educate visitors about the critters.

Meanwhile at the Maryland Science Center, more than 20 dinosaurs from Asia will be on view, along with cultural artifacts and animatronic reptiles to complete the experience. While the connection to China seems a little weak—they’re calling the show “Chinasaurs” even though the fossils came from Mongolia—there’s no denying how cool prehistoric creatures can be, whether you’re taking a kid or just planning to act like one for the day.

How to get there:
Both Amtrak and BoltBus stop at Baltimore’s Penn Station, at 1515 N. Charles St. Check schedules and fares at and Baltimore’s MTA bus 11 or bus 64 can get you to the Inner Harbor, where you’ll find both exhibits. Before visiting the National Aquarium and MSC, start planning your trip at