The Coolest Way to Go Hiking in the Hudson Valley

Bear Mountain Cruise

Fall, with its cool refreshing air and colorful performance, is our favorite time of year for outdoor adventure. There are so many ways to plan a date with autumn, from sculpture gardens to camping adventures to bike rides, and this is one more to consider.

Car-free hikers have a new mode of transportation to the trailheads of the Hudson Valley. On one of 14 weekend days through October 26, pack lunch, layers, and water—or order a picnic—and board the Circle Line for an easy escape from the city. Bound for Bear Mountain State Park, Oktoberfest, and some 50 beautiful trails, this full day excursion offers New Yorkers a hassle-free getaway to the great outdoors, beginning with a relaxing and scenic 2.5 hour cruise up the Hudson River.

Cruises depart from Pier 83 at 9am. Roundtrip tickets are $60 for adults, $51 for seniors, $36 for childrenFor more information, visit