For a Good Cause: Park Slope Pork Off

What: Park Slope Pork Off at Loki Lounge

When: Sunday, May 3, 1-4 p.m.

Why: When is the last time someone asked if you had a good pork recipe? If you live in Memphis, the answer is “14 times last week.” If you live in New York, the answer is “please take your hand off my thigh.” Now all that is about to change courtesy of the “Park Slope Pork Off.”

The event is a fundraiser for Hands and Hearts, a nonprofit organization that assists survivors of toxic waste in Madapdap, Philippines. The children of Madapdap suffer from severe health conditions, including leukemia and cerebral palsy due to the legacy of toxic waste in the water supply. It’s as noble a cause as you’ll come across, and all you have to do to contribute is show up at a bar with an appetite.

According to the Pork Off! tumblr site, the event calls for recipes from the general public. Think you know what to do with a fresh slab of bacon? Ham hocks making you dizzy? Part-time chefs with a quality recipe may enter, and the only rule is to “make a recipe with pork in it.” People vote for a winner and first prize wins $50, and probably a few shots of bourbon (but that’s just my guess). Hog to it.

Cost: $10

How to get there: Take the N or R train to Union St. in Park Slope, Brooklyn (Loki Lounge, 304 5th Ave., Brooklyn, 718.965.9600,