7 NY Outdoor Meetup Groups for Winter Fun

Outdoor Meetups NYC

There is a meetup group for just about anything these days. There is one for tornado chasing, cougars, vegan rock climbers, single parents, night photographers, beer pong and buffalo wing lovers, Scrabble, salsa dancing, Turkish coffee, and of course, Justin Bieber. (Okay, the last one isn’t true, yet.)

These meetup groups below are for those New Yorkers who don’t whine about winter, but embrace it. You see nine inches of snow in the park, and think, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” Whether you’re interested in ice climbing, skiing, shorewalking, backpacking, après-ski hour, or surfing, these 7 NYC-based meetups offer an activity for every kind of adventurer and a chance to make new friends who share your passion.

  1. Mappy Hour – NYC Chapter

Types of Events: Mappy Hour bills itself as a group of urban dwelling outdoor enthusiasts. Their monthly meet-ups generally include beer, education and adventure planning.

2. NYC Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Group (HOAGies)

Type of Events: Cross-country Skiing/Snowshoeing/Snowtubing in Fahnestock Winter Park, Ice Climbing Course in the Catskill Mountains, Olympic Experience: Bobsled & Cross-Country Skiing at Whiteface Lake Placid.

3. Rock & Ice

Type of Events: Midweek Climbing at Brooklyn Boulders (Group Discount), Catskill Ice Festival, Advanced Ice Tech Clinic – Steep Ice with AMGA Guides

4. Girl Gotta Hike Womens Forum

Type Events: Free Public Transit Day Hikes + Paid guided trips for women

5. Shore Walkers

Type of Events: Organizers of the Annual “Great Saunter”, Hudson River Walk, Brooklyn Heights & Brooklyn Bridge Promenade, Narrows to Coney Island, Rockefeller Preserve

6. Miramir Ski Club 

Types of Events:  Bus Ski Trips to Mad River Glen and Sugarbush Vermont

7. NY Surfing Buddies

Type of Events: Happy Hours and surf days (winter and summer!)

Photos: Courtesy of igmaino, krbloomer, Patrick Orton, Attitash