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Where to Stand Up Paddle Board in NYC

Paddleboarding NYC

What SUP? Stand up paddle boarding, a curious combination of surfing and kayaking, has been turning heads on all NY waterways. The sport may be old news to Hawaiians, where Hoe he’e nalu originated, but its recent arrival on the east coast has caused a wave of excitement. If you’re interested in trying this activity—also a great alternative to the gym—one place in the city is now offering a way to hang ten on the Hudson.

The first time atop a paddleboard might be unsettling, but once your sea legs kick in, you remember there are no sharks in the Hudson, and you find your center, paddle boarding is a seamlessly enjoyable experience. Paddle boards are ideal for skimming along on calm, flat water or surfing some friendly waves into shore. As inspiration, start training with SEA Paddle NYC for the 5th annual Surfers’ Environmental Alliance fundraiser to benefit SEA and Autism Awareness. The event is a 26.5-mile paddle around NYC and will take place on August 12.

New boards run a little expensive ($700-$3,000), so head over to New York Kayak Company, situated on Pier 40 on the Hudson River, for equipment rentals or a $25 two-hour beginner course on Wednesday evenings from 6pm.-8pm. You can enjoy the NY waterways without spending a boatload on gas or harming the aquatic eco-system. Before fall temperatures set in, ride out on the river for an after-work cruise and one truly unique way to connect with New York City.