Vive le Vélo: America Needs a Bike-Sharing Lesson From the French


New Yorkers, if you own a bike, you will agree that it is cheaper, easier, greener, faster, and more fun to get around town on your two wheels than by any other mode of transportation. (I wish I could also say safer.) But for those without bikes—in any town in the United States—who’d like to ride to work or to the park or to dinner, may find it hard to rationalize renting a bike, be it for an hour or a day.

In my latest piece for The Huffington Post, I write about how this country needs to follow France’s lead, and make bike share programs, and advances in green travel, a priority. Currently, the U.S. has some stations in Washington D.C., Denver, and next on June 10,Minneapolis. In France, 19 cities and small villages are operating independent, affordable bike rental programs geared towards locals. It was so refreshing to see more bikers than cars on the road, as was the case on my recent trip to France. . . see my photos after the jump.

And as one reader said, “Wake up America. This is a race for supremacy. If we keep burning oil, we’ll be a second-rate nation because we are so dependent upon others to feed our addiction. Bicycles are a serious lifeline to pull ourselves out of the oil pit.”


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