Baxter Hunts Down the Four Best Dog Biscuits in Brooklyn

Dog Cookie Taste Test president Robert Marino says there are an estimated 1.4 million canines living within the five boroughs of New York City. With the welfare of New York pooches in mind, we decided to enlist a furry friend to put our dog biscuit picks to the test—yes, we tried them too. The result, after a few pee stops, barks, and butt sniffs? There are four Baxter-approved spots in Brooklyn, from pawtisseries to bars, that will have your dog licking his chops now, and well, licking you thanks later.

Naidres | 382 7th Ave., Park Slope | 718.965.758 |
The three women behind the nearly decade old location have a lot to display when it comes to healthy bites for humans. So it’s only fitting that the store mantra “eat, drink and smile” includes a little something for your hound too. At the end of a well-lit display case of croissants, bagels, and fresh baked sweets (like delicious mini and large cupcakes) you’ll find a clear jar of Fido biscuits. “Sometimes people come in just for the biscuits,” said store manager Jesse Auguste.
A bone-shaped biscuit half coated in sprinkles and a thick white glaze.
Come spring and summer, while you’ll order an iced tea, coffee or blended shake, let your pooch sip his thirst away near the bench at the outdoor metal dog bowl.

District Dog Boutique and Spa | 142 Driggs Ave., Greenpoint | 718.290.7434 |
Bea is the brainchild behind the three-year old all-animal business she and her husband Rob run. With a family background in design and high end children’s apparel it wasn’t a far stretch when she started designing clothes for her terriers. She also helped start a dog run and finally snagged the poochfront at Driggs and Russell, where there is a wide assortment of raw, organic and all-natural treats. “Our primary focus is health for animals,” said co-owner Rob.
Cost: $.80 cents – $3.00
Biscuit: For a taste of roasted chicken in a bite, pick up the organic and corn-free Buddy Biscuit.
HoundSight: For dogs with a big appetite, stock up on the frozen chicken heart biscuits and the yogurt and carob drops for pint size pups.

Parco | 427 7th Ave., Park Slope/Prospect Heights | 718.499.6997
Although this is what you’d call a tiny nook, you can’t miss the teal-green awning and drawn theater curtain. Their daily dog-only biscuits are home-made every other day on the premises. “It’s the cinnamon that smells so good. People try to eat them all the time, but I keep telling them it’s for dogs only,” said Evan, who’s worked at Parco for the past two years.
Cost: $.75 cents
Biscuit: Thick dog bone-shaped treat with cinnamon and carrot.
Houndsight: Try if you may, but you can’t pass Parco without your dog parking a spot. Word from Evan is that a local Newfoundland waits curbside until his owner fetches the treat.

South 4th Bar and Café | 90 S. 4th St., Williamsburg | 718.218.7478 |
Wouldn’t it be great to kill two bites at one stop? Whether you’re looking for something steaming and whipped, or brewed and cold, South 4th Bar and Café has something for you and your pooch. The laid-back dog-friendly establishment welcomes owners to come in and grab from their variety of organic biscuits. There’s no reason why owner and canine can’t both return from a walk in the nabe feeling satisfied. “We want our customers to enjoy the environment and their dogs to enjoy the treats,” said co-owner Marshall Mintz.
Cost: Free
Biscuit: Mother Nature organic biscuits.
HoundSight: No dog is left behind. While you enjoy a drink at a bar, the one with four legs can lap away at an outdoor dog bowl.

Photos: Courtesy of Chermelle Edwards