Off the Caltrain: 5 Things to Do in Burlingame

Barrel House

“Quaint” and “residential” definitely describe Burlingame. “Boring,” however, does not. Located just a 20-minute train or bus ride from San Francisco, downtown Burlingame, with its sundry restaurants, shops, and beautiful parks along the water, has the trendy feel of Cow Hollow, but with nicer weather and a friendlier atmosphere.

Here, five things to do in Burlingame:

1. Indulge at Little Lucca Sandwich Shop. The Italian sandwiches served here are inexpensive and enormous (but you’ll still want to finish the whole thing). The addictive garlic sauce is itself worth the visit. (1809 El Camino Real, Burlingame, Shopping Plaza,

2. Enjoy the outdoors at Coyote Point Park, which is chock-full of activities well worth the 30-minute walk from the CalTrain Station but it is well-worth the walk. (1701 Coyote Point Dr,

3. Shop (or gaze wistfully) at Les Deux Copines. You may find yourself wondering why this chic boutique is in Burlingame and not Soho or Paris, but toss aside your doubts and enjoy the fresh and unique selection of clothes and accessories. (1433 Burlingame Ave,

4. Wait with the throngs for scrumptious Burmese fare at Mingalaba. There may be an out-the-door line, but it will move fast, and be worth the wait. (1213 Burlingame Ave,

5. Unwind at the Barrelhouse. Sip on a Cucumber Martini and enjoy a warm night (yes, they do exist) on the back patio. With a relaxed vibe during the week, this place gets surprisingly lively on the weekend. (305 California Dr,

Take Caltrain to Burlingame.

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