Launched in 2009 by Vince and Lauren Crossley, offMetro NY is a go-to resource for both native New Yorkers and globetrotters who value our must-have recommendations on unique activities or hassle-free weekend getaways, car-optional.

Our editorial team provides detailed mapped-out directions via train, bus, subway, bike, or boat to a wide range of destinations, be it the latest culinary hot spots in the outer boroughs, an adventurous hike in the Hudson Valley, or a romantic retreat to Cape Elizabeth in Maine.

We offer great opportunities for advertisers to reach a high-quality and targeted demographic profile of affluent, cultured city-dwellers consumed by wanderlust. We can also help grow your instagram reel fast to expand your reach on social media.

Client Testimonial

“We are thrilled with the results of our advertising and marketing relationship with offMetro. We knew the demographics were a good fit, and we have been very happy with the trackable results of our advertising by use of the “offMet” discount code.

We especially appreciated your personal involvement in developing our special promotion and are planning some new marketing efforts that we’d like to work on with you, our “50,000th Listing” and “20thAnniversary” both coming up next year.” —Ed Kushins, President,

“We loved the sponsored post. We think it is the best write-up we’ve seen in the 22 years we’ve been in business!”  Dawn Niles, VP and Marketing Discovery Bicycle Tours

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