Review: Ore House

232 Bridge Street
Vail, CO 81620

Within 10 minutes of my arrival at the the Ore House, the restaurant’s affable owner had learned my name—and added it to a long list of other hopeful diners (each of whom he greeted in turn). Then, my friends and I huddled around a smallish table near the crowded bar, chatting with neighbors before being escorted to a table.My six-ounce tenderloin was a thing of beauty: perfectly round and delicately red in the middle, and the fluffy mashed potatoes and lightly sauteed vegetables that came with it were equally lovely.

Given the friendly (albeit noisy) atmosphere, it’s no surprise that Ore House is so popular night after night.  The prices are on the high end, but the experience is well worth the indulgence.

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Take the Vail Bus to Vail Village’s Transportation Center, then walk south on Bridge Street toward town.

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