Like Julia Childs, Only Easier: Quail Hollow Kitchens’ Easy and Elegant Foods Class


Attention Julia Childs and Martha Stewart: Here’s your chance to learn how to create your own fancy dinner, and (shhh!) it’s easier than it seems. Quail Hollow Kitchens’ Easy and Elegant Foods Class, ($85) which takes place August 28 from 6:30 -9  p.m., will show you just how easy.

At this beautiful property in the Santa Cruz mountains, you’ll learn to elevate your homemade meals with easy-to-prepare dishes that exude the elegant feel of fine dining—without the hassle.

Check out the Quail Hollow schedule for other fun workshops (canning, pickling, and sourdough bread making are all coming up!), and if you’d rather be served than cook, check out our favorite unique dining experiences in the Bay Area.