Our Visit to Bottega Louie in West Hollywood: Over the Top

Bottegga louie hollywood
Photos by Ron Rossi

Welcome to Hollywood. Or West Hollywood anyway. It can be over the top for many. But this is Hollywood after all. You are here to see and be seen. A drink is great. The bars are here. People come to see who else might be here right now or later. It is a special place to visit.

And when you come to eat that is different. There are many places to select from. A wide variety. From cheap to expensive. It depends on what you need at the time you are here. Business is one thing. A personal time is another.

We came to Bottega Louie for dinner and a special evening to celebrate. We were here a few days before to pick up a pretzel and some pastries. These were excellent. Now we are here for dinner.

And that was some dinner. We sat at the table and met the lovely assistant to help us through the evening. She was very helpful and friendly. We decided to start with our cocktails. A good choice at a fair price was offered. The wine was a good selection to enjoy from both Napa and over in France or Italy and more. This was brought to us along with fresh bread to try as we prepared to order. The bread was ideal. Nice and firm, but soft inside. It was very fresh. An ideal offer as we waited. We even could order two rounds of the bread which was perfect.

A Time to Eat at Bottega Louie 

We made our order and then waited. The empty location then slowly filled up with more and more guests for the evening. They were all attractive and truly part of the scene. They fit the place. Knew what to eat. And how to enjoy where they were.

Our orders started with salads. These were very fresh and enjoyable. I could have made a meal from the salad by itself. It was plentiful and tasty. The arrangement was ideal. It was the “look” that made it attractive to have.

Next arrived our meals. It was a variety we selected. From beef rib to chicken parmesan to salmon to pasta. All were different and plentiful as well.

My pasta was nice and different. Having spent several weeks in Rome in May I knew what I expected. This was nice. A bit al dente but a good sauce and fresh pasta to have. Nothing special to remember except the garlic. It had that. 

Bottega louie california
the Pasta. Photo by Ron Rossi

The chicken parm was a bit dry. The sauce was good. There was no side such as pasta or vegetables. It was strictly chicken and it was overcooked and tough. Made a comment but went no where. The rib was good and tender served on mashed potatoes. The salmon was medium and had its few sides. Slightly overcooked, it depended on how you liked your salmon cooked. But this being more about the scene it didn’t matter.

Bottega louie
Chicken Parm. Photo by Ron Rossi

Deseret is a selection of pastry and macaroons. It was also very fresh and enjoyable after a graceful meal.

Bottega louie restaurant
The Salmon. Photo by Ron Rossi

The Show is Over.

You are not rushed when you are here. Dinner took a few hours to enjoy as you talked and could watch the crowd there. The prices are what you expect, not cheap. A dinner for 6 does cost money. So, expect that to happen. This is more high-end. The service is the best. The team is excellent and proper. They do everything for you before you even expect it. They are there to help and very nice. Our comments to the managers and the team.

Bottegga louie restaurant
The Cake. Photo by Ron Rossi

Bottega Louie is a wonderful place to visit. You can give it a try. It is in a lovely area of West Hollywood. It has the right crowd. It has decent food. It has a great team. And for an experience, it is a place to go. 

As the old saying goes: “Bring your pocketbook”. 

You will need it.


Bottega Louie

 700 S Grand Ave Los Angeles, CA 90017

 Phone: 213-802-1470

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“The Jaded Traveler”. Ron Rossi was born and raised in New York. A globalist at heart, Ron is a marketing director by trade, and has lived and worked around the world including Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. Food is one of the best ways to learn about a country, a people and a culture. So, Ron is always looking for the best in mid-range to budget and street food. He is always on the hunt for a good meal anyone can afford. It is the food of the average citizen that excites him. And with having visited close to 100 countries on 6 continents so far, there have been some pretty good meals.