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Amtrak Getaways has teamed up with Amtrak to provide you with some exciting trip discounts and getaway ideas near San Francisco. Leave the car—and heavy carbon footprint—behind and embrace the comfort and speed of train travel on your next vacation with Amtrak.

Amtrak’s Zephyr Dons San Francisco Cable Car Costume

Travelers from San Francisco to Chicago may double back for a second glance when Amtrak’s California Zephyr train passes by this summer. Starting this July, the Zephyr is partnering with the San Francisco Travel Association to “wrap” one of its train cars with the legendary San Francisco cable car. The 51-hour route features stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River, the Nebraskan plains, and more — stopping in [&hellip

Celebrate Bastille Day at the Santa Barbara French Festival

From mimosas and crepes to a poodle parade, the Santa Barbara French Festival is a great way to celebrate Bastille Day. The 27th annual festival will take place in Oak Park on July 18-19, featuring free entertainment, plus plenty of food and wine and arts and crafts vendors. And the festival offers a bonus to those who travel car free! If you present your Amtrak California train ticket (or receipt) [&hellip

things to do in pismo beach
Beach Bliss: Things to Do in Pismo Beach

With a few rough edges and a lot of homespun charm, Pismo is the quintessential beach town. It’s laid-back and unassuming, much like the people who call it home. There’s certainly something about the combination of 310 sunny days year, etched mountains, moody beaches, and a cornucopia of fresh, local foods that makes stress a foreign concept. Whether you lounge in the sun’s golden glow or adventure in the surrounding nature, [&hellip

Winter Wonderland: Things to Do in Yosemite National Park

Everyone knows of the wonders of Yosemite in the summer. Less famous, and equally magical, are the wonders of the National Park in the winter, especially during the holidays. Instead of verdant greens, crashing waterfalls and balmy hikes, picture a white fairyland, glistening icicles and sleigh rides. The quiet and coziness of the season are a stark contrast to the crowded warmer months. and the pleasures are equally delightful. These things [&hellip

sb art
Weekend Getaway: Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone

Funky Town indeed exists in Santa Barbara. Sandwiched between polished State Street and the sparkling Pacific, the formerly industrial Funk Zone now offers up plenty of options for a weekend infused with art, ambling and adult-style fun. In this neck of the woods, folks stroll leisurely, cruise along on two wheels, or kick back in a pedicab and let someone else do the cruising. Any way you choose to travel, [&hellip

San Diego Zoo
Weekend Getaway: Cool Things to Do in San Diego

Even in a state enviable for a laid-back culture and countless natural and culinary assets, San Diego is a place apart. The sprawling, sun-drenched city has a paradisaical feel, with a number of attractions (including zoos and beaches) that often rank among the very top in the nation. Indeed, California’s southernmost city offers so much it would be impossible to see it all in one weekend, but we’ve outlined the nuts and [&hellip

Amtrak Getaways: The Best Activities to Do in Sacramento

Sacramento. It’s our state capital, the birthplace (or nearly) of the Gold Rush, a field trip mecca, and that’s about it, right? Wrong. Yes, Sacramento is all of those things, but it’s also a happening metropolis with a great arts scene, fun nightlife, and delicious eats. Here, some of the best activities to do in Sacramento. 1. Explore landmark buildings, old-fashioned photography studios, and sweet shops galore in Old Sacramento, the first historic [&hellip

disneyland castle
Weekend Getaway: What to Do in Disneyland

Kids or no kids, there’s something, well, magical, about the Magic Kingdom. From the old-fashioned charms of the Happiest Place on Earth to the newfangled thrills of the updated California Adventure Park, the Disneyland Resort offers up diversion, delight, and then some. And the pleasure is all the richer when you don’t have to contend with lines, hassles, and high temps. Enter, “off-season.” While Disneyland technically does not have such [&hellip

Embassy Suites
Weekend Getaway: Things to Do in Oxnard, CA

Oxnard is a “little bit country, little bit rock-and-roll” kind of place. It sits halfway between bigger (and better known) cities, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, and although it’s Ventura County’s largest city, it maintains a cozy, small-town feel. Here, home-style salsa and strawberry festivals peacefully coexist with the famous Hollywood Beach (a past getaway spot for the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Clark Gable). Whether you choose to kayak [&hellip

Orange County Great Park
Weekend Getaway: Orange County for Kids

The O.C. might be known for its beach culture and “real” housewives, but it’s also a great place for a family getaway (hold the sigh—we’re not talking Disneyland). Rich in agricultural history (“Orange County” comes from the acres of orange trees that once grew here) and teeming with marine life, the area is a “magic kingdom” in its own right, with myriad family-approved activities, from farm tours to pirate ships, [&hellip

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