Hey there, fellow campers! Get ready to supercharge your camping experience with some electrifying tips! We all know that having access to electricity can take your outdoor adventure to the next level. Whether you want to charge your gadgets, light up the night, or power up your cool camping and travel gear, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share 10 awesome tips on how to get electricity while you’re on a camping trip, packed with real-life examples, recommendations, and reviews from our adventurous community.

1. Embrace the Solar Power Party

Let the sun be your best friend on your camping journey! Invest in a portable solar panel system and harness the incredible power of those shiny rays. Brands like Goal Zero Yeti have become camping legends, giving you the freedom to charge devices, run appliances, and even keep your drinks cool with a solar-powered mini-fridge. Soak up the sun and stay powered up while enjoying the great outdoors!

Check out this video for some more tips on solar power for your camping adventure:


2. Rock On with Portable Power Stations

Who says you can’t have a powerhouse in the wilderness? Portable power stations are the ultimate camping sidekicks. These compact marvels store energy and can be charged in various ways, like with solar panels, car chargers, or good old wall outlets. But wait, there’s more! To ensure seamless and safe power distribution, don’t forget to equip yourself with the right switchgear for your portable power station. Switchgear acts as the control center, allowing you to connect multiple devices and manage the flow of electricity. Most brands offer reliable MV switchgear options that will complement your power station setup, providing you with a complete and efficient electricity solution. So, gear up with the perfect power station and the right switchgear, and get ready for an electrifying camping adventure!

3. Rechargeable Batteries to the Rescue

Say goodbye to the battery blues and wave hello to rechargeable batteries! These little champions are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and reusable. Grab brands like Eneloop or EBL, and equip your camping essentials like flashlights, headlamps, and portable fans with long-lasting power. It’s time to ditch the disposable batteries and embrace a more sustainable camping experience.

4. Go USB Crazy

USB-powered devices are all the rage among the young and wild campers out there. Get your hands on some awesome camping gadgets like LED lanterns, fans, and even stoves that come with USB compatibility. Charging them is a breeze with power banks, solar panels, or portable power stations. Stay connected, stay cool, and stay powered up throughout your camping trip!

5. Power Banks for the Win

Stay charged up and ready for action with trusty power banks. These pocket-sized powerhouses are perfect for charging your smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices on the go. Look for high-capacity power banks with multiple USB ports from brands like Anker PowerCore and RAVPower. They’ve got your back, ensuring you never run out of battery during your epic outdoor adventures.

6. Unleash the Portable Camping Generator

When you need some serious power, it’s time to bring out the big guns – portable camping generators! These bad boys may be a bit bulkier and noisier, but they offer a reliable and consistent source of electricity. Honda and Yamaha are the names to remember when it comes to compact and fuel-efficient generators that can handle larger appliances like coffee makers and electric grills. Check out this article on the NYTimes for more details. Power up your camping feast like a boss!

7. Scout Campgrounds with Electrical Hookups

For those who crave the convenience of traditional electrical hookups, we’ve got you covered. Look for campgrounds that offer designated campsites with electrical hookups. Plug in your RV or camping equipment directly and enjoy the comfort of a more “plugged-in” camping experience. Perfect if you need electricity for medical devices or have specific power requirements. Read this article for more tips on how to find campsites with electrical hookups.

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8. Catch the Wind with Portable Wind Turbines

If you’re camping in windy locations, why not harness that power? Portable wind turbines are your secret weapon for generating electricity. These compact turbines capture the wind’s energy and convert it into usable power. ECO-WORTHY and Aeolos are your go-to brands for portable wind turbines built for camping. They add an extra spark to your camping gear, especially when you’re in areas with consistent wind patterns.

Watch this video about a startup that developed a fantastic personal wind turbine:


9. Stay Organized with Electric Extensions and Power Strips

Let’s keep the electricity flowing like a boss! Stay organized and maximize the power outlets at your campsite with electric extensions and power strips. These little lifesavers will extend your reach and allow you to charge multiple devices all at once. No more fighting over outlets or running out of juice. Stay powered up, stay connected, and stay cool!

10. Energy-Efficiency Rules

When it comes to saving energy while camping, it’s time to be smart and eco-conscious. Opt for energy-efficient devices that won’t drain your power supply. Swap those old incandescent bulbs for LED lights that shine bright without gobbling up energy. Look for camping stoves with low fuel consumption and mini-fridges with efficient cooling systems. Make every watt count and extend the life of your portable power sources.


Congratulations, young adventurers, you’re now equipped with 10 supercharged tips on how to get electricity during your camping trip. Whether you’re rocking solar panels, portable power stations, or other cool gadgets, these techniques will light up your camping experience and keep you connected to the world while you embrace the great outdoors.

Remember, each camping trip is unique, so choose the method that best suits your style and needs. It’s time to spice up your camping game and enjoy the convenience and fun that electricity brings to your wilderness adventures. Stay powered up, stay wild, and have a camping experience like no other! Let’s light up the night and make memories that will last a lifetime. Happy camping!