Airplane food is infamous for lacking taste and overall appeal as a meal. The most that people expect from airlines nowadays is that the food is edible and enough to survive until they get to their destination.

While airplane food is not a big deal if your flight is just a couple of hours long for a weekend getaway, it can get quite frustrating if you are taking longer international flights that can take as long as 19 hours!

This means that you will have to eat airplane food for almost four meals and three-four snacks in between.

If you are going to be eating airplane food, the following are some food offerings you should avoid if possible.

1. Cheese And Other Dairy

The problem with airplanes is that people underestimate how uncomfortable air pressure changes can impact the human body. They can be a cheese-guzzling machine on the ground but have severe nausea when in the air.

The issue is not just the things you eat on the plane, but also right before your flight. 

It is best to avoid cheesy foods such as greasy pizza or any dairy-heavy foods such as a milkshake.

2. Coffee And Tea

If you have ever talked to a flight attendant, they will almost always say that the coffee and tea available onboard is made with the nastiest water possible. 

This water comes from a tank that is close to the water tank that supplies water to the toilets.

Moreover, coffee and tea can heavily stain your teeth so if you’re going to binge on these beverages on a long flight, you should invest in some trustworthy dental products like this teeth whitening gel for fighting the teeth stains.

3. Seafood

If you are not traveling in the base fair or economy class, chances are that your food will have more expensive ingredients such as seafood or beef. 

Of course, meats of any kind can be questionable on planes, but seafood can be a nuisance.

The more you consume seafood that is rich in salt, the more likely you are to develop a stomach issue. Excessive salt can also cause dehydration.

Meats also make it pretty easy for bacteria to thrive as they are hardly ever reheated in the airplane to avoid overcooking.

4. Soda 

Sodas are usually considered a safe option when it comes to planes as they are pre-packaged with hardly any safety issues. 

However, carbonated beverages can again dehydrate you severely and cause stomach issues such as gas.

The best drink for a plane is water all the way.

5. Juices

Juices are considered healthy as they are made from fruits and vegetables. But beware as you order these because they are high in sugar and preservatives.

Especially on long flights, increased sugar can be quite a problem causing swollen limbs due to the lack of movement and even blood clots for some.

6. Potatoes

While it may seem like potatoes are a safe bet after reading the other things on this list, they might not be as safe as you thought. Any food rich in starch or fiber can be a bad choice to eat on planes.

While some of these fiber-rich foods may be healthy, they might put too much pressure on your gut to digest them with little to no movement for hours. 

This can result in gas, bloating, and other unpleasant problems.


All in all, there are many things you should be aware of when traveling by plane, especially for longer durations. Make sure to pack some medicines in your carry-on so you can deal with any issues that may arise because of the food.