Mykonos is one of the most beautiful places you should visit if you plan a holiday in Greece. The ancient Greek island attracts thousands of tourists globally, and the island is vital to the nation’s tourism. Meanwhile, you’re in for a great time with great fun as you can access some of the most amazing beaches on the planet. 

Also, you can enjoy quality entertainment and tour the island while learning about ancient Greek culture. However, don’t be discouraged by some myths about Mykonos Island. We are aware of these claims, which are not true regarding life and travel on the island.

In this guide, we’ll debunk most of these false claims. We’ll also show you that this beautiful island has something for everyone. 

It’s only for party-goers.

One of the notable aspects of Mykonos is its exciting and entertaining nightlife. This makes people think it is suitable for party lovers only. But the island offers much more than partying. Even the most discerning travelers can enjoy the perfect getaway in Mykonos. 

Check out the party life in Mykonos:


Visitors looking to enjoy a luxe experience can rent a lavish villa and enjoy breathtaking views of the sea. Meanwhile, you’ll have an amazing time on any of the beaches on the island. Swimming, snorkeling, sailing a catamaran, sunbathing, or drinking in any of the bars are good alternatives. 

It is an ideal place for lovers of nature and ancient archaeological brilliance. You can explore the Ano Mera village, Delos Island, and others. Also, you can take cooking classes on this wonderful island. Here, you’ll learn about the local dishes and their culture. Picture lovers can also visit the iconic Kato Mili for some pictures. You’ll have a lot to enjoy in Mykonos apart from the never-ending parties. 

Watch this to get a glimpse of the iconic Kato Mili:


It’s too expensive.

Mykonos is one of the most pricey islands, with luxury hotels, high-class beach clubs, and shops. Having said that, you can still have fun on a modest budget while you’re on this beautiful Greek island. Meanwhile, all beaches are free and open to everyone. You can book affordable all-inclusive resorts for you and your family. 

Further, the buses are affordable for tourists, helping you keep some cash for other stuff. Eating at restaurants and lodging at resorts not close to the beaches is cheaper. Also, with appropriate plans, you can have fun with many free activities. 

It’s crowded.

Another myth to debunk about Mykonos is that it’s crowded. With a small size of around 34 Square miles and a regular inflow of tourists, it is easy to believe this lovely island has a dense population. However, there are some secluded areas on Mykonos where you’ll hardly see a soul. 

Meanwhile, Mykonos town is usually active during peak seasons, but there are secluded beaches around. For instance, visiting Ornos gives you friendly and calm water with a lesser party. Ornos is just two miles away. You may also try Ano Mera or Agios Ioannis if you want quieter places than Ornos. 

Check out this clip to get a glimpse of Ornos beach:


Ano Mera is 4 miles from Mykonos and offers a more traditional experience with beautiful places like the Monastery Paleokastro and Panagia Tourliani monastery. Agios Ioannis is uncrowded, and you enjoy the beautiful Delos view. 

It’s only for young people.

Mykonos is a popular destination for the young.  Although most Mykonos visitors are young, this doesn’t mean it is only for young folks. The island suits all age grades, whether elderly retired couples or young families with kids. Mykonos has a memorable experience in stock for you. 

Asides from the exciting nightlife for the youths, Ornos beach has calm waters which are family-friendly. It is closer to the town of Mykonos, with nicely organized beaches. You can go swimming or snorkeling in the clear waters or try sunbathing. Also, Old and young couples can have a beautiful time at the romantic Old Port

It’s not worth visiting if you’re not interested in partying

Finally, people might say Mykonos is built solely for party lovers. It is not valid. The island houses some great clubs and provides impressive nightlife, but there is more to enjoy. There are beaches, food,  resorts, and hospitable natives of Mykonos town. 

Check out this walking tour of Mykonos town:


For instance, you’ll enjoy your time at the Platis Gialos and Ornos Beaches. Local and international meals are also available at various restaurants around the town. Likewise, you can take a bus or ferry tour around the beautiful Greek town and the neighborhood. 


Greece houses many beautiful places, and Mykonos Island is a great example. However, there are many myths concerning this place, but this guide has shown the truth about them. Now that you know the truth, you can book your next vacation to this lovely island. 

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