We often think that we need a vehicle in order to truly see what a city has to offer, but that is not always the case. While a car can be helpful if we’re looking to get from one end of a city to the other, we can see a different side of a city by traveling on foot. There are activities to tackle when exploring a city by walking.

1. Visit All of the Museums

Finding parking spaces in order to get to a popular museum can be a bother. Paying for parking can be annoying. When exploring a city on foot, museums are a great place to visit. Rather than spending time outside walking around, we can go into a museum and start looking through pieces of history or beautiful works of art. Some museums are free to access and visiting them on foot can be a convenient option.

2. Check Out Local Coffee Shops

When walking around in a city, we get the chance to live like a local. The best coffee shops are often located in busy downtown areas or on side streets that we don’t check out when we are driving in a new city. When exploring a city on foot, coffee shops seem to be everywhere. Trying local coffee can be fun and sitting inside a coffee shop gives you a bit of a break when you are doing a lot of walking. If you’re in the Big Apple – try these cozy NYC coffee shops.

3. Spend Time Sitting in the Park

Just as parking can be an issue for museums, it can also be an issue when you are visiting popular parks – especially if you want easy access to a certain part of the park. When taking a walking tour of a city, take time to sit down and relax in some of the parks that are a part of that city. People watch and appreciate all that the city offers from a comfortable park bench. Check out this list of the best city parks in the world for your next destination. 

4. Go to a Movie

If the weather is not cooperating as you are walking about in a city and attempting to explore, take a little break and go to a movie. While sitting inside a theater might not seem like the best thing to do when in a new city, we can always use a little extra relaxation in our lives, and watching a newly released movie can be a good break from the exploring you have been doing.

5. Take Time for Window Shopping

Every city has unique stores to offer, and we sometimes ignore those stores if we do not have extra money for shopping or if we do not have anything in particular that we are looking to buy. If you are spending time exploring a city on foot, take time to look in shop windows and pay attention to all the special items that the city offers. Looking to do some shopping near New York? Check out these budget-friendly shopping getaways near NYC.

It can be fun to explore a city by foot, but if you’re on a long 1-year trip to a certain destination, for example, and you know that you’re going to need a better way of getting around – car shipping can also come in handy. Make a plan for your trip so that you know what will work out the best for you, and find special ways to enjoy your exploring, no matter how you get around.