Beaufort is a wonderful peaceful city in South Carolina, with beaches and dozens of various forms of entertainment! It’s one of the South’s most culturally diverse and underappreciated destinations. If you are here and wonder how to amuse yourself, just read our suggestions.

Find Out More Facts at Beaufort History Museum

Have a short walk from downtown, and you will stumble upon a little neat museum, the Beaufort History Museum. Many visitors call this place a gem. The docent fills in the details and presents an overview of the history of Beaufort. You just have to look at the cannons there! Read the informative display of the first settlements in the area and the struggle for control of the area from the European countries. 

Watch this short clip by the Beaufort History Museum:


Overall, there are lots of educational displays to slowly go through. As well as many short informative videos. You can spend loads of time here, looking over every little detail. They have an elevator too, so you can get up to the second floor if you need it. 

There is a gift shop with coupons and gifts you can get for your loved ones or friends. The entrance is free for active military and their families. One more reason to go on a fun trip with lots of friends and family and get a large SUV rental for the journey! If this is your first time in Beaufort, don’t miss it!

Stroll Along Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park

Check out this absolutely marvelous impeccably clean location. The Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park is an excellent walking park with breathtaking landscapes everywhere and picnic tables dotted all over the place. children’s play area at one end. Swings are a great way to relax and enjoy this region.

Watch this to get a glimpse:


The scenery varies closer to the city center. There are many nearby cafes, ice cream stores, and other establishments. Ideal for the younger crowd or as a distraction for them while the eldest of your group shops.

This park is quite popular and can get crowded but worth the fighting. The great viewing angle of the historic Woods Memorial swing bridge. You can cross it and admire the delightful scenery. The best time is before 9 a.m. when the traffic is more or less free.

This park is very popular and can get crowded but worth the fighting. They even offer movies under the stars. With the public boat dock, this is a great place to arrive on the boat. But you can rent a car, no problem. Parking is available.

Go Camping at Hunting Island

This island wouldn’t disappoint! The top campground is a short distance from the beach with excellent amenities, clean and quiet. There are some nice hiking and cycling trails. In addition, there is beach access and a trail that you may reach on foot from the campgrounds.

The RV sites are provided with electricity, water, a fire pit, and picnic tables. Many of them are secluded and densely wooded. The parking lot is more like hard-packed sand than gravel. A USA car rental will allow you to arrive there quickly. 

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All of the routes offer a diverse range of landscapes, from the forest to the marsh to the beach, as well as the phantom forest at the island’s southernmost point. A photographer’s dream environment! There is an accessible lighthouse, a number of historical structures, restrooms, a beach gift store, and a campsite gift shop.

Admire the Beauty of The Point

The Point, often known as the Old Point to distinguish it from other local locations with the term “Point” in their names, is the hub of Beaufort’s social elite. You get the impression that you’re traveling back in time because of the lovely homes and majestic old oak trees. It can probably be enjoyed the most on foot.

Pay close attention to the houses with porches on the upper and lower stories. It exemplifies Beaufort antebellum architecture in the best possible way! In case you get hungry, savor the best meals at Blackstone’s Cafe! Brew Bar options and Cajun Shrimp and Grits from their menu are must-try. 

Watch this to learn more about The Point:


Visit Local Festivals

You could plan your stay according to the periods of the main city’s events. Luckily, there are almost no dull days because of constant events. Neither travelers nor locals feel bored! Look at the list of festivals below.

  • Easter Festivals

You’re in luck if you’re seeking an Easter activity for the kids. Everyone may enjoy Easter celebrations, egg hunts, and festivals in Beaufort.

  • The Original Gullah Festival (Memorial Day Weekend)

The Lowcountry region of South Carolina is home to the Gullah culture, to which the event is devoted. Storytelling, dancing, the sounds of jazz, blues, reggae, and African drumming. Held in May.

  • Beaufort Shrimp Festival

Taking place in the first days of October, that’s one of the unique opportunities to fill your stomach with top-notch shrimp dishes. You can watch a funny shrimp race there too(Don’t ask). For the entire list – check out the City’s calendar

  • Beaufort Water Festival

Each July, get ready to be thrilled! Many activities for the family, watersports, and a friendly atmosphere. Concerts are included. If needed, look for available cars for rent to move around promptly.

Here’s a short clip of the Water Festival: