Going on an adventure with your girlfriends is one of the best experiences of a lifetime. It’s a time to have fun by trying new things with the best people in your life. However, not all places are perfectly safe, especially for girls. 

Taking extra precautions during trips has been routine for most girls. The world isn’t particularly made in favor of women’s safety, so the best solution is to take on the challenge yourself. Ensuring you’re safe on your next ‘girl-venture’ makes everything more fun. Here’s how you can do it. 

1. Prepare All Travel Essentials 

Packing for every trip starts with the essentials. Having everything you need close is imperative wherever you go to keep you safe and comfortable. In your all-girls trip, having a complete kit can be a lifesaver. 

Some of the common travel essentials for women are toiletries, towels, lip balm, and a portable charger since you will take many pictures. Aside from these, keeping menstrual products like tampons, pads, or cups is a must, even if you’re not expecting your period, in case one of your girlfriends needs one. 

Moreover, it would also be best to carry a first aid kit and emergency alarm keychain at all times. Whether going on a nature trip or having fun in the city, safety should always come first. Each should be ready to respond to any emergency. 

2. Do Thorough Research On Your Destination 

Keeping everything a mystery might seem exciting at first. However, it can cause a lot of hassles and compromise your convenience and safety. Whoever you’re traveling with, researching your destination is a must. 

Aside from searching for the best places to visit, knowing all the locations of hospitals and police stations is also necessary. While online maps during the trip are beneficial, finding their locations beforehand can save time. Each person should also save the emergency hotlines to call in case you need help.  

3. Plan Your Trip Details 

You can never over-plan a fantastic trip. While fun happens naturally, especially if you’re with your favorite people in life, creating a detailed plan might help save time and money and ensure everyone’s safety. 

Creating an itinerary is common during travel. However, there can be unexpected circumstances that can delay your trip or postpone your plans. As a solution, always come up with a backup plan. You may have a meeting with the girls to make sure everyone has a say.  

4. Organize Your Belongings 

One of the challenges before going on a trip is packing a suitcase. If you’re fond of taking selfies, wearing the same outfits is never an option. You want to bring all your best fits and other essentials, which can make your baggage too heavy and bulky. 

Organizing your belongings can help save you from carrying heavy bags. Keeping things in the proper space enables you to find everything faster. For instance, all the essentials, like the first aid kit, should be the most accessible.  

5. Use Anti-Theft Bags 

Carrying tote bags is fashionable and comfortable, especially if you’re going on a summer adventure. However, these bags lack zippers, compromising your safety. Plus, your valuables can quickly get scrambled altogether inside. 

One easy solution is using an anti-theft bag. These bags are scratch and water-resistant, perfect for any destination. It can keep you safe from pickpockets you may encounter in busy streets and ensure you’ll go home with all your valuables intact. 

6. Drink Moderately 

Drinking with your girlfriends is the best. Having a fun night out in a different city is a unique experience. While it’s easy to get lost in the moment and drink as much as you can, it’s still best to stay alert. 

It’s a standard girl code to have at least one friend who won’t drink for the night. She’ll keep watch of everyone and be the one to call for help if necessary. Having two girls take on this responsibility is best if you travel in a larger group. 

All-Girls Trip tips
Drink moderately. Photo from Adobe Stock

7. Be Careful Who You Trust 

Opportunists are everywhere. Stay vigilant no matter how friendly the people are in your travel destination. You can’t trust everyone. Feel free to walk away and go to a safe place when something doesn’t feel right. 

During your trip, you may encounter people who would invite you to a gathering or offer you a drink. While there are genuinely kind people, one can never be so sure. In these scenarios, trust your gut and never let your guard down. 

8. Always Watch Each Other’s Back 

Girls should always watch each other’s back. Sticking together or in couples or trios is always the best way to balance safety and fun. It would be best to stay with familiar people in an unfamiliar place to feel secure. 

Sticking together is routine for girls. That’s why you never go to the bathroom alone. When you’re with your girlfriends, one will always accompany you. It’s one way to keep each other safe. 


Traveling with your favorite girls is fun, exciting, and meaningful. It’s those moments when you can freely be yourself. You can make your trip more enjoyable by ensuring your safety.

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