Do you vape? If you do, you’ve got some important things to consider if you’re planning to take a vacation. You’ll almost certainly want to travel with some disposable vapes. In our previous post, we discussed some basics of traveling with your vape, but in this post, we’ll focus on how to travel with disposable Vapes. After all, you definitely don’t want to be without your nicotine – and you also don’t want to scramble to find a vape shop after reaching your destination. 

Here’s the good news about traveling with disposable vape devices: You can do it, and packing your disposable vapes for travel isn’t even particularly difficult. It’s not quite as simple as just throwing the devices in your bag, though, because airlines have special rules about traveling with liquids and about traveling with batteries – and disposable vapes have both liquid and batteries. 

In this guide, we’re going to explain everything that you could possibly want to know about traveling with disposable vapes. You’re going to learn how to pack your devices safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations. You’re also going to learn where you can and can’t use your disposable vapes during your travels. Traveling as a vaper may not be quite as straightforward as flying with a pack of cigarettes in your pocket, but it’s also not that difficult.

You Must Pack Disposable Vapes in Your Carry-On Bag

According to vape experts at yocanvaporizer, when you travel with disposable vapes, the most important thing to remember is that you can’t pack them in your checked luggage because they have batteries. With batteries, there’s always a slight risk of overheating and fire. That’s especially the case with today’s extremely powerful lithium-ion cells, which can catch fire violently in the event of a short circuit. If a fire happens in flight, it’s important for the fire to happen in the passenger cabin so flight staff can respond promptly. 

Since disposable vapes have non-removable batteries, they need to go in your carry-on bag.

In addition, there are also special rules that you need to follow when packing liquids in your carry-on bag. Since disposable vapes have liquid, these rules also apply. 

To pack disposable vapes in your carry-on bag, you need to place them in a single quart-sized zip-top bag along with any other liquid items that you wish to bring in your carry-on bag. You’re only permitted one quart-sized bag for the liquid items in your carry-on bag, so choose your items carefully. You can pack all other liquid items – but not disposable vapes, since they have batteries – in your checked luggage.

When you go through the airport security checkpoint, remove the zip-top bag from your carry-on bag and present it for separate inspection. That’s it! All that you need to do to travel with disposable vapes and ensure that you’re in full compliance with all packing requirements is follow the rules above.

Can You Use Your Disposable Vape on a Plane?

All airlines forbid smoking or vaping in flight, so don’t even think about it. The fines for smoking are huge. Don’t attempt to “stealth vape” in your seat, and don’t try to sneak a few puffs in the bathroom.

All flight attendants know what vaping looks and smells like, and you will probably get caught. If you are caught, you’ll face a potential fine of up to several thousand dollars; the risk simply isn’t worth it. If you know that you can’t last through a flight without nicotine, bring an alternative form of nicotine supplementation. We’ll discuss that at greater length shortly.

Can You Use Your Disposable Vape at an Airport?

If you’re traveling a long distance and have a stopover at an airport along the way, you might appreciate an opportunity to take a break and enjoy a quick vape before continuing with your travels. Unfortunately, airside smoking areas at airports aren’t nearly as common as they used to be. 

More and more airports are closing their smoking lounges and asking travelers to smoke or vape outside. That was especially true during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which many airports closed their smoking lounges permanently. 

If you happen to pass through an airport that still has an airside smoking area, feel free to use it – and if you can’t find a smoking area, ask an employee because airports often have airside smoking areas that they don’t exactly advertise. Designated smoking areas are the only places where you’re allowed to vape at most airports. Here’s a list of airports in the US where you can still smoke.

In most cases, the only place where you’re allowed to smoke or vape at an airport is outside the terminal. That means you’ll need to leave the entire airport to vape. If you’re traveling internationally, you’ll also need to go through customs and enter the country.

When you’re done, you’ll have to reenter the airport and go through the security checkpoint again. Considering how inconvenient it would be to do all of those things, this is another case where alternative nicotine supplementation can be very handy.

Know the Relevant Laws if You’re Traveling Internationally

If you’re traveling internationally, it’s important to remember that the laws regarding vaping may not be the same in your destination as they are where you live. Some nations – Thailand, for instance – have banned vaping completely.

There are other nations in which vaping products with nicotine aren’t available, but personal importation is allowed. If personal importation is allowed, you’re free to bring your disposable vapes into the country, but you’ll be unable to buy more while you’re there. Research the vaping regulations in your destination country before you go because knowing the law is your responsibility. You can check here where vaping is banned.

When Traveling with Disposable Vapes, Always Have a Backup Option for Nicotine

If you take one thing away from this article – aside from how to properly pack your disposable vapes for a flight, of course – it should be that it won’t always be easy – or even possible – to find a place to vape when you travel. 

You can’t vape on any airplane and can’t vape in most airports. Many countries have strict public smoking bans that also apply to vaping. If you want to travel without having nicotine fits and without getting into trouble, it’s a very good idea to travel with a good supply of alternative nicotine products like pouches or lozenges. That way, you won’t have to worry about nicotine and can simply concentrate on having a great time.