If you love the idea of dealing with shipping stuff all over the world, learning about shipping routes, and shipping options using all sorts of transport means from trains, trucks, boats, ships, and planes – then becoming an independent freight agent may be a good idea.

The job market is very active right now and in some states, unemployment is at the lowest it’s been in decades. Now is the perfect time to change your career. If you’re like a lot of people, the idea of changing your career to something more rewarding is one you’ve likely considered but never taken action on. This is understandable as changing careers requires a great deal of effort and when you’ve been at a job for years it can be hard to make changes, even if you want to simply due to habit.

Luckily there are many exciting career options out there you may find more enjoyable and have the potential to make more money doing it. One such career option is to become an independent freight agent. Freight and transport are one of the often uncelebrated aspects of modern life. However, it is vitally important. Without proper supply chains, food, vital goods, and consumer products cannot arrive efficiently at the places that need them. The large transport trucks you pass on the roads are only one part of a very complex system of transport and travel.

Six Benefits of Being An Independent Freight Agent

  1. Make Use Of Your Sales Skills: working in the business world you’ve likely developed skills in closing sales and building relationships with clients. However, your current job does not take full advantage of your skills. As an independent freight agent, your sales talents are front and center.
  2. Independence: as an independent agent, you have a great deal of control over your workday and how you choose to approach your job. If you need a day off, you can take it. If you want to take off for a holiday or go on vacation, you can do that as well. The opposite is also true and if you want to work more hours or work on a weekend, you can do so. Having such full control of your work schedule is a benefit of the profession.
  3. A Chance For Financial Success: the freight industry is large and there are plenty of opportunities to find success and interested parties to work with. As an independent agent, you can make a great deal of money and, as an independent employee, you also gain the opportunity to take home more of the profit your work produces. Plus, you can work longer hours if you want to increase your earning potential.
  4. You Can Be Selective With Clients: in business you’ve likely dealt with clients and accounts that are frustrating or hard to work with. As an independent freight agent, you don’t have to work with clients if there is a personality clash. This allows you to focus on clients that are more agreeable and easy to work with.
  5. You Can Work From Home: remote work is becoming a more common part of the broader work culture. As an independent agent, all you need is a working computer, a stable internet connection, and a reliable phone number. This allows you to work in comfort and also gives you a great deal of freedom about where you live as you are not tied to a specific location for your profession.
  6. You Get To Be Your Boss: the ability to be in complete control of your career is a goal for many in the workforce. With the ability to control your hours, client base, and work location as an independent agent, you only have to answer to yourself and the clients you work with.

Final Thoughts

There are just some advantages being an independent freight agent offers. This is a vibrant, growing, and always evolving industry. If you’ve always wanted to do something new with your career while also gaining more control over your work, being an independent freight agent could be the career for you.

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