Almost every resident of a city has a smartphone. Gadgets have become our faithful companions and assistants in everyday life. We decide what to wear, focusing on AccuWeather data; choosing a route to work, and viewing the situation on the roads on Waze; we change our plans for the evening, after noticing the announcement of a new exhibition on TripAdvisor. City exploring is exciting if you have a smartphone with you.


After packing a suitcase for half a day, you always forget to take something important with you. If it sounds familiar, we have a solution named PackPoint. Set the city, date, and length of your trip and specify what you’re going to do. 

For example, if you’re planning to go to restaurants and lie on the beach, the application will give a ready list of things based on the future weather forecast. Users can remove the excess and add their favorite things like mugs, clothes, and toiletries. Mark each item in the app when you put it in your suitcase, then you definitely won’t miss anything. Aside from that, you can also check our list of must-have travel gear.


With the help of a Skyscanner app, people instantly find cheap flights, hotels and rental cars. If you have flexible plans, choose a whole month instead of specific dates and get a price chart that shows when the flight is cheaper. 

Moreover, you can click “Search everywhere” and find out when it’s most profitable to fly from your city. In one click, see the best deals for the weekend in popular destinations. When choosing the tickets, Skyscanner redirects you to the purchase page and doesn’t charge anything for it. At the same time, there is an opportunity to find a hotel or a car for rent where you are flying to. All these functions are available in one application.


Open the app, enter the address and click “Order Uber” – in such a simple way, one can travel around the city by taxi. In ten minutes, your car will come, and it’s not much more expensive than a bus fare. Uber is a big city app; it allows to search, call and pay for taxi services or even private drivers. 

Besides, one can track on the map where their car is now and when it will pick them up. Travelers love Uber for its low prices and not having to explain themselves to the taxi driver in a foreign language and wonder if the person understood the address correctly. 

Sometimes you may face annoying issues with apps like Uber, especially when in a hurry. If you need to do quick app troubleshooting, you can turn to online specialists. Now there are services available to assist you round the clock. You can just open the website and get help with uber app issues if you need it. Just don’t be shy to ask.


Zipcar is one of the world’s largest carsharing companies, but it’s still available in a limited number of large cities. If Zipcar doesn’t work where you’re going, then check car2go, DriveNow and Enjoy. 

In general, you sign a contract once, then rent the nearest available car and return it when it’s no longer needed. Cars can be parked in specially branded parking lots or just at airports and around the city. The place of parking depends on the carsharing company. You have to pay by the hour or by the day; however, gasoline is included in the rent.

In our opinion, it’s one of the apps you need if you enjoy driving and want to save time traveling from one point to another.


MAPS.ME is a navigator that everyone admires. It works on the basis of constantly updated OpenStreetMap maps. The significant fact is that all the maps are offline, that is, by downloading them at home, you don’t have to buy a local SIM card and worry about Internet roaming prices.

Besides, customers think that MAPS.ME has an intuitive and clear interface and works with a high loading speed. Such a walking map app will pave the way not only to key attractions but also to playgrounds, local bakeries, toilets, parks, restaurants, etc.

Watch this to learn how to use MAPS.ME properly:


Instead of an art gallery or royal palace, the child chooses an amusement park and an ice cream parlor. Parents have to fulfill their wishes occasionally. To know where there are nearby places interesting to kids, you should download Yuggler. It shows playgrounds, entertainment centers, climbing walls, swimming pools, zoos, amazing museums and a lot of other places where you realize that your vacation with children is still fun and exciting.