Indonesia is an island country and has more than 17000 islands, but among all of them, Bali stands out and is considered to be the favorite. Even though Bali has witnessed commercialization, it has some secret places that are still untouched, and make Bali one of the loveliest tropical vacation destinations. 

Millions of people come to Bali every year because it doesn’t only make promises to give a relaxing vacation but also keeps that promise in every possible way. With a plethora of things to do in Bali, just relaxing on the beaches or trying out different water sports are some of the most popular things to do among tourists. 

Bali is commonly known as God’s Island, and as the name suggests, it is highly influenced by Hinduism. You will witness the influence on the culture of the Balinese people as they boast of their temples and protect their heritage. If you opt for one of the popular Bali packages, you’ll be able to explore some of the most natural terrains of this wondrous island. This will include enjoying yourself at the Lovina beach, witnessing the happy dolphins, trekking to the peak of Mount Batur, the active volcano in Bali, or witnessing the beauty of the world underwater as you go scuba diving and get lost in the colorful and quiet world under the sea. So let’s dive into our favorite places in Bali…

1. Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Bali and thousands of tourists come here just to visit this beach. Lovina beach is a collection of several small beaches and it spreads across an area of 12 hectares. 

Lovina Beach is famous because of the Dolphin tour in which you will be made to ride on a boat almost 1 km offshore where you can witness hundreds of dolphins merrily jumping and diving in the water. The coastal line of Lovina Beach is dominated by several cafes and restaurants, shops, banks, etc. which only add beauty to Lovina Beach. 

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2. Sekumpul waterfalls

Sekumpul means “collection” in Thai, and as the name suggests, Sekumpul waterfalls are a collection of seven waterfalls. The waterfalls are separated by various cliffs so it is not possible to see all the waterfalls, but you can witness the tallest waterfall that cascades down from a height of 80 meters above the ground. Look at some amazing pictures on Pinterest.

To reach the Sekumpul waterfalls, you will have to trek down a few kilometers, and the path will be covered with lush greenery. You will then have to climb down some stairs and walk down a rocky pathway, and this journey will increase your anticipation. If you are a lover of nature, then this trek will be one of the best for you as you will be in the laps of nature all the time and even witness coffee and cocoa trees before reaching the waterfalls.

Places to Visit in Bali
Sekumpul Waterfall, Bali. Photo by Alexandra Dementyeva on

3. Mount Batur

Mount Batur is one of the most famous places in Bali and it is a paradise for the people who love trekking. Mount Batur is a live volcanic mountain located in the northern part of Bali and it is at a height of 1717 meters above sea level. 

It is extremely popular because of its sunrise trek, where you will witness a stunning scene that will take your breath away as the first rays of the sun touch the ground, and you can witness it from the peak of the mountain. You will also find a beautiful lake, Lake Batur, in the black lava which was created during the last volcanic eruption in the year 2000. 

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4. Banjar Hotsprings

Bali has a plethora of natural beauty that never ceases to amaze you, and the Banjar hot springs are one of them. The Banjar hot springs are the natural hot springs that are famous not only among tourists but also among native Indonesians. The water here is hot naturally, but the pools are manmade. There are three pools in Banjar hot springs, the highest pool being the hottest pool and also the smallest. 

The second pool is just below the highest pool and is the favorite of people as the temperature of the water here is just perfect. The second pool is the largest pool among the three, and it is advised to be careful as the depth of the pool varies. The third pool is below the largest pool and the water level in this pool comes just to the waist.

5. Ulun Danu water temple

Ulun Danu water temple is one of the most visited places in Bali and it is situated on Beratan lake. Ulun means “to the side” and Danu Beratan is the name of the lake, and as the name suggests, the temple is situated on an island on the lake that is believed to have been strategically located to the side of the lake. 

The temple is devoted to the Goddess of the lake and many people, especially the newlyweds come here seeking blessings from the Goddess. The Beratan Lake is surrounded by lush greenery and it gives peace and tranquillity even to the people who have chaos and stress in their minds.

Well, hope you enjoy your trip to Bali and manage to see all these beautiful places!

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