Whether you’re experienced or this is your first time, twists and turns are part of the package for traveling. After all, there’s no telling what could happen to you out there, especially in completely foreign locations. And, that’s not counting the challenging terrain you might stumble into while hiking somewhere.

With danger lurking in every corner, you must be prepared with the essentials when traveling, especially on hikes. Otherwise, you (and your trip) could get compromised. So, to stay on top of any unexpected event, it’s best if you’re equipped with a knife as soon as you leave the house, specifically a pocket knife.

What Is A Pocket Knife?

Considering how cool media make them out to be, pocket knives are found well on their way towards popularity. Because of their foldable nature, they’re often found getting flipped around by cool guys in mainstream media. But, foldability comes with many perks; one of them is mobility. Since you can’t exactly stuff a kitchen knife down your pants without grabbing anyone’s attention, pocket knives are designed to be hidden inside your pocket. 

Additionally, because the pocket knife is foldable, the user won’t get hurt when taking it out. And, if that’s not enough, an excellent knife features a safety lock. Besides the blade itself, this safety lock keeps the blade locked in a specific position. This way, the blade will stay in place when you fold it, even while using it. Thus, preventing you from getting sliced the entire time it’s on your person.

But, despite how awesome it looks, many consider pocket knives pointless, especially for those living in the city. However, if they travel from one place to another, their opinions are bound to have a quick do-over because, besides the aesthetic, pocket knives are also useful in many areas of daily tasks while traveling, such as the following.

Why Pocket Knives Should Be on Your Travel Checklist:

1. For Food Preparation

If you want to experience the full extent of wildlife, foraging is your only source of food besides hunting. And, even foraging alone is no easy task already. Since you’re knee-deep in nature, you might find sharp brushes growing edible fruits or fresh produce that needs to be peeled before you can eat it. All sorts of food can be found in nature. And, with the best utility knives in your bag, your chances of survival will be growing more and more in your favor.

However, if you prefer a more ‘lowkey’ camping experience, you might already have food packed away. But, to keep it fresh, packaged food is often sealed to prolong its lifetime. However, while it’s in your best interest to have your packed food in an air-tight seal, the plastic used tends to be extremely flexible, keeping you from opening it easily. Luckily, with pocket knives, all you need to have is a firm grip and a steady hand, and you can now enjoy your meal.

2. For Basic Tasks

Besides preparing food, pocket knives can also be used for other purposes. Despite their size, their sharpness does well in compensating for it. Fortunately, it’s normal for a new or well-taken-care-of knife to possess extremely sharp blades.

While you can test out how sharp they are by slicing something, experts do it by throwing their knives on a hanging board. However, this is best done in the city where knife-throwing studios are set up, not out in the wilderness.

During their travels, hikers use their pocket knives on numerous occasions. Cutting through rope, chopping down branches, clearing bushes, opening canned goods—pocket knives are so versatile that they can be used every second you’re outdoors. So, as long as its blade hasn’t gone dull, you have a better shot at survival with only a pocket knife and your wit.  

3. For Survival

Although they’re smaller than a pistol, there’s a reason why pocket knives are confiscated on airlines. After all, as mentioned earlier, as long as they’re new or taken care of, pocket knives feature a sharp blade that can slice through nearly anything. Therefore, if used irresponsibly, this type of knife will bring more harm than good to everyone within the user’s vicinity.

Reasons To Add Pocket Knives To Your Travel Checklist
Is a pocket knife going to be in your packing list? Photo from Adobe Stock

But, out in the wild, your survival depends on your pocket knife. Considering how unpredictable people and the environment are, it’s a foolish decision to go out there without some sort of weapon. Despite its size, a pocket knife can help get you out of any sticky situation, be it a rabid wolf or an assailant. However, it’s best if you practice the best ways to use a pocket knife for self-defense purposes before going anywhere with it. Otherwise, you might sprain your wrist if handled improperly.


Traveling is an excellent way for people to de-stress and refresh their minds from the stresses of their day-to-day lives. But, on the other hand, traveling can also bring you a thrill like no other as you set off hiking through the wilderness, enjoying the rush of freedom away from civilization. Whatever your reason for traveling, having a pocket knife on your list of essentials might be handy.