Tampa International Airport is one of the greatest airports in the United States. Aside from being modern, well-built, and easy to travel through, the sheer amount of fantastic attractions within the Tampa International Airport can thrill any traveler. Depending on what type of service or entertainment you’re seeking, some choices will certainly appeal to you. To guide you in the right direction, here are the top six attractions you should explore within the Tampa International Airport. 

1. Starbucks Reserve & Starbucks Evenings 

If you love coffee, you’ve likely visited a Starbucks at least once in your life. While it may seem pretty vanilla in terms of coffee joints, the Tampa Airport (TPA) is home to two different Starbucks locations that add extra spice and flavor to the traditional Starbucks experience.

Starbucks Reserve offers you extra-special, exclusive coffee blends, and other flavored, caffeinated drinks (not to mention some excellent, classier versions of their classic pastry treats). 

Meanwhile, Starbucks Evenings allows you to enjoy coffee, alcohol, and more in an adult-centric atmosphere. If you’re a coffee-lover, these are attractions you must try out before leaving the Tampa International Airport. 

2. Skyee Cocktail Bar & Grill

Perhaps you’re looking for something stronger than coffee, and your belly is rumbling after a long day of traveling. If this describes you, you deserve to treat yourself to one of the classiest, buzz-worthy restaurants in Tampa. 

Located conveniently in the Tampa International Airport, Skyee Cocktail Bar & Grill serves top-shelf drinks and elevated bar food that will keep you fueled and ready for your Tampa adventures. The amazing variety of dishes and the beautiful atmosphere of Skyee Cocktail Bar & Grill will make you feel as though you’ve escaped the airport, and that you’ve entered a nightlife wonderland. 

3. Tech On the Go 

When you’re traveling, having technology, gadgets, and comfort items to keep you calm is one of the best investments you can make. Especially if you find yourself suddenly without the tech you need, Tech On the Go’s packed shelves will be certain to help you regain the technology you need. 

Without the latest technology, navigating the intense nightlife and cityscape of Tampa can be difficult, so make sure you take a quick stop at Tech On the Go before jumping fully into your Tampa adventures. If you’re traveling through the airport, you likely understand how amazing car-free travel can be, and with the right tech, you can make that ethos a full-on reality. 

4. Beers of the World 

If you’re a frequent airport traveler, you’ll know that many airport bars offer a very limited selection of brews. Thankfully, Tampa International Airport is home to one of the most amazing, variety-packed airport bars in America: 

Beers of the World. The sheer variety of brews, cocktails, and bourbon flights you can enjoy at Beers of the World will make you feel energized, loose, and ready to experience Tampa to the fullest. If you’re on your way out of Tampa, Beers of the World is a great way to end your Tampa trip and ensure that you’re feeling relaxed before your flight. 

5. Yogurtology 

Sometimes you want a light, delicious treat to keep your airport travels calm and cool. Yogurtology is a wondrous, poppy spot where you can enjoy a huge variety of yogurts and other delicious treats. 

Yogurt is not only healthy, but it will not make you feel bloated and heavy like some of the other items on this list. If you’re health-conscious, but still want a tasty treat to keep you light on your feet, Yogurtology is a fantastic option. 

6. Ducky’s Sport Lounge 

If you want a full-on dinner experience before leaving the Tampa International Airport, Ducky’s Sports Lounge is the best option out there. Not only is the food delectable, but Ducky’s is a Tampa tradition that’s been around for decades. 

If you want authentic Floridian dinner items and drinks to enjoy while you watch the latest sports happenings, nowhere else in the Tampa International Airport can fulfill your dreams quite like Ducky’s Sports Lounge can. 

You’ll feel like you’ve already entered Tampa when you walk through the doors at Ducky’s, and your stomach will be full and satisfied once you eventually walk out of the doors. And the restaurant is even owned by Evan Longoria

Check out the video of the opening day:


Airports Can Be Exciting

Tampa International Airport has proven to the public that airport travel can be an absolute blast. Whether you’re just arriving in Tampa, or you’re headed home after an amazing Tampa adventure, the TPA’s many attractions can help lift your spirits. If you have a large layover, you might even have time to try them all!

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