Traveling is one of the leisurely activities that most of us dream of doing, especially when you have been burying yourself with long hours of tedious work. But however enticing it is to think about the exotic beach on your bucket list, the act of traveling still demands quite a lot of work. It is particularly true when we talk of air travel. 

Aside from thinking about how early you should be at the airport, the onboard flight can give you a different kind of distress. Numerous studies show that anxiety levels are the highest for those traveling by air. So for this article, we have come up with tips to help you cope with waves of flight anxiety.

1. Focus on what is ahead of you

Instead of worrying about what might happen during your flight, focus on your plans after. You can continue planning what you’re going to do, like the stuff you will buy as a souvenir or the delectable and exotic foods you will eat once the plane reaches its destination.

Try to look up landmarks of places you can visit like the local museums, hiking trails, tourist view decks, lakes, and other tourist-magnet stops. You can mentally organize your tour if you like.

2. Stick with the practical measures

It is not terrible to read about recent statistics about air travel, but some people find it counterproductive to be reading things like those. Most of the statistics often involve plane accident ratios and rate of survival, which do not help a nervous passenger.

If you want to quell those tingling worries, you can read about what to expect during flights. You can also shift your focus by learning how to position yourself during an occurrence of air turbulence.

3. Do breathing exercises

There really are people who, even though they fear enclosed spaces and flight, cannot avoid circumstances when they have to take a plane to travel. Deep breathing exercises have often proved very handy for panic attacks and anxiety. It also prevents hyperventilation that a person can experience due to rapid and shallow breathing.

4. Bring your lucky charm

This is not a joke. Many people bring with them all sorts of items that calm them during onsets of anxiety. Most lucky charms are crucifix pendants, crystal pendants, and one of those cute-looking mini stuff toys. If you do not have a lucky charm, you can try to have an orgonite pyramid, which is known to transmute negative vibes and emotions such as anxiety, fear, and depression. Make sure it is close to your person during your flight.

5. If possible, avoid alcohol and caffeine intake

Some people may find it comforting to have a glass of red on their hands or a hot cup of coffee. But, other people do not, and instead, it makes them even more jittery and restless. Taking in caffeine or alcohol depends on your preexisting bodily reactions to these beverages. 

Alcohol generally inhibits the function of most bodily systems. Although, when you drink in excess, the effect can be different. Caffeine has an association with helping you stay sharp and awake. Still, if you think it is okay to let a sip pass into your system, you can drink a glass of that wine or a cup of that steamy coffee. You can also opt for a warm chamomile tea to better calm. 

6. Sleep through it

Sleeping may be one of the most effective things you can do when the plane is cruising through the skies. Have a pill or two of those natural sleep aids, or you can try consuming sleep-inducing food or drink. Take in only the prescribed amount of sleep aids, or you might overdose. You can temporarily stop worrying about flight matters once you’re snoring like a baby, right?

7. Turn up the music

Music is among the best mediums for relieving any form of anxiety. If you do not wish for interruptions, like searching for an acoustic rendition, we suggest you create a playlist exclusively for traveling purposes. Remember to add songs that are as soothing as music can be to help you relax mental tensions or any other kind of tension. Check out this playlist for flights

best Flight Anxiety Tips
Turn up the music. Photo by Daniel McCullough on

8. Inform the flight attendants

At any point during the travel should you feel bouts of anxiety, you can always ask for professional help from the amiable flight attendants. Rest assured that they have undergone training to ease the boarding difficulties of each passenger. Try to be specific when you communicate with the flight attendants. Most of the time, some passengers feel tongue-tied due to anxiety, and others stammer.

9. Benefit from Food rich in Dopamine and Serotonin

Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters known to influence the release of those “feel-good” hormones. Should you find yourself unable to have a wink of sleep during your flight, you can nib on a bar of delectable sweets like chocolates. 

If you are not allergic to nuts, then have some. They are also rich in serotonin. Other foods you can try to distract you while keeping you sit comfy in your chair are soy-based products, cheese, pineapple, and others. 

As for the stationary activities you can do to raise these hormones in your body, you can massage acupoints in your head, neck, shoulders, and palms. You can also try doing meditation with breathing exercises. These are only limited actions you can do since you are on a moving transport.

10. Choose a reputable airline

The number one thing that induces flight agitation is the thought about your safety. Instead of cutting costs by choosing to book the cheaper option, go and look for distinguished airlines. The knowledge of flying in one of the best air services may diminish any nagging doubts. Here’s a list of the most prestigious airlines these days.

Want more tips? Here are a few secrets from a Flight Attendant: 


Wrapping Up

Being able to muster up the courage to step inside a plane is courageous enough. What more if you can go through the ordeal of the flight. Just have the proper mindset when it comes to things that rattle you. Remember that there only is a little thing you can do about what can go about your flight, and steeling oneself is a skill in itself.

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