Already been to Paris and the Eiffel Tower? Seen the Louvre and Mona Lisa? Well, I guess you’re now looking for new places in France that are worth a visit. In this post, we discuss a few amazing spots you should definitely add to your bucket list.

There are sound reasons why France is the most visited country in the world, year after year. It has nostalgic medieval villages, beautiful vineyards with exquisite wine, stunning mountain cities, and so much more.

1. Provence: Nothing Beats Southen France

If you’re looking for a magical place that will inspire you, Provence is the place to go. No matter how many times we’ve been there, it’s always hard to describe the unique atmosphere you find in Provence. 

Starting with the perfect weather (almost all year long), the beautiful villages and castles, the breathtaking lavender fields (during summer), the old wineries, and local festivals. It’s really a unique mix of amazing things that build up into a remarkable experience and vibe that you can’t find anywhere else.  

What’s our favorite spot in Provence? The town of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, where the famous painter Vincent van Gogh painted one of his masterpieces, “The Starry Night”. It’s also home to the ancient ruins of the Roman city of Glanum. Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is the perfect traditional Southern-French town, with festive events all year long, concerts, exhibitions, and delicious food. 

2. Mont Saint-Michel: Rapunzel’s Authentic Tower?

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence may be our favorite spot in the South of France, but this next place on our list is practically out of this world. Mont Saint-Michel is probably the most magnificent and captivating place in France (and beyond). It’s also the most visited attraction in France.

It’s enough to look at the video below to understand what we’re talking about. Doesn’t it look as if it was taken out of a kid’s fairytale book? This medieval castle is located on a rocky island just 600 meters off the Normandy coastline. It was the inspiration behind Rapunzel’s Tower (from Disney World’s Magic Kingdom)


Back in the 8th century, this magical Island village was a major Christian pilgrim site. Today, it is visited by more than 3 million tourists every year and was named a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

What do we love most about this place? The fact that when the tides are high, Mont Saint-Michel becomes utterly secluded – adding a mystifying lure to the whole experience. You can of course reach the island by crossing a bridge, but for the more adventurous among you – try walking through the mud during low tide.

3. Annecy: The Most Beautiful Town in the Alps?

We’ve been there only once, and only for 1 night, but it was incredible. Called by many, “the Venice of the Alps”, Annecy is probably the most beautiful mountain town you will ever see. 

With a rich history that dates back to the 4th Century BC, when the Gallic tribes still occupied this land, Annecy was established after the Romans conquered the area.

This breathtaking lakeside town literally looks like a picture postcard that came to life. It has some grandiose snow-capped Alp mountains around it, a beautiful sparkling lake in its center, old and charming architecture with cobblestone streets, small bridges, and graceful canals with wonderful restaurants alongside, that make you feel so alive. It’s just hard to describe.

Walking along the shores of Lake Annecy, you’ll encounter spectacular panoramic views of La Tournette, the highest mountain in the area (2,351 meters high). Annecy is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. 

What’s our favorite part? Definitely renting a bike and riding the 42 km bike path around Lake Annecy. You don’t have to do the whole course, and you can also walk it out or take a Segway tour to enjoy the lake sights and gardens.

Check out this video to get a glimpse of this magnificent city:


4. Colmar: The Best Christmas Market in Europe?

This mesmerizing place is another fairytale city, known for having the best Christmas Market in France (and perhaps in Europe). With a 500-year old tradition, visiting the Colmar Christmas Market is a magical experience and definitely a MUST-VISIT to have on your bucket list.

Situated in Northern France (Grand-Est region), close to the borders with Germany and Switzerland, Colmar is adorable and fanciful, with a fusion of Germanic and French architecture, timber-framed houses, and marvelous waterways that slice through the city. 

Colmar is also the ‘capital of Alsatian wine’, as it’s located along the Alsatian wine route. You’ll enjoy good wine, but as mentioned – the best time to visit Colmar is during Christmas. The fascinating Christmas decorations, stalls, and lights will easily make you fly high like Santa.

5. Rocamadour: The 2nd Most Visited Attraction in France

Yup, this place (that you probably never heard of) is the 2nd most visited attraction in France, after our #2 on this list, Mont-Saint-Michel. So how come? What’s so special about Rocamadour? 

Places In France
Rocamadour: The 2nd Most Visited Attraction in France. Photo by le Sixième Rêve on

Well, besides being a UNESCO-listed medieval town that was once a very key pilgrim site, the views you see from the top of Rocamadour are unbelievable. To explain, this majestic village is situated very high on the side of a limestone cliff that overlooks the Alzou canyon (in Dordogne). 

At the top of the village, is the Chapel of Notre Dame, which will require you to climb 216 steps called “Le Grand Escalier”. From there, the gorgeous views are absolutely unrivaled by none. You will see Rocamadour together with the wild and pristine scenery of the Alzou Canyon, down below. Believe us, you won’t regret climbing these 216 steps…


Well, if you’re planning a big long journey to France, these places should definitely be on your bucket list. If you’re moving to France for good, you’ll have plenty of time to explore each of one of them, maybe even more than just once. By the way, check out this international moving service for making your move to France smoother and easier.

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