When taking a trip, it is not unusual to wonder how the heck you’re going to maintain that smooth and radiant glow on your skin. As much as your vacation could be all fun and merry, the last thing you’ll want is to go places or come back with your skin looking all dull, dry, and dehydrated. This is not to mention the possibility of suffering sunburns or heat rash.

That is why it pays to have the basic essential skincare items in your travel kit – especially organic products. Starting with how your skin takes a beating when traveling, let’s look at a few items you should bring to your trip and why you should go the organic way.

How Does Traveling Affect Skin? 

This is one of the travel tips you will rarely come across. One thing about traveling is that it gets your skin exposed to different environmental and weather conditions, from extreme chills to excessive heat and sunshine. If you’re a foodie, you’ll also want to experiment with different kinds of food, some of which could have various effects on your skin.

Moreover, your skincare routine and schedule could change, plus you may find yourself using skincare products that your skin is not used to. All these factors could affect the appearance of your skin.

Why Should You Choose Organic? 

There are several reasons to pick organic instead of synthetic skincare products when traveling. Apart from being environmentally friendly, organic products are created using plant-based ingredients, making them safer for use.

As explained on the organic skincare from Aesop page at ssense.com, these products come in a range of subtle aromatics to help keep your skin smelling fresh as well. They are also sustainable and rich in nutrients that help revitalize your skin.

Skincare Travel Kit Essentials 

1. Facial Cleanser 

Relying on the bar soap in your hotel room to wash your face should be a big no-no! This is unless you want to go home with flaky, dry skin after your trip. Make sure to include a facial cleanser in your travel kit.

Travel Kit
Make sure you have all the Skincare Travel Kit essentials. Photo by STIL on Unsplash.com

2. Facial Wipes 

It is not uncommon to get all sweaty during your trip. This makes wipes one of the most important traveling essentials. Instead of using hankies or clothing to wipe the sweat off your face –which is unhygienic­– slip into your travel bag and take out one or two wipes and the job is done. They come pre-moistened, are super-portable, and can be used anywhere while on the go.

3. Sheet Masks

These are simply cotton, fiber, or cellulose-based sheets of paper soaked with a facial treatment. They usually contain a concoction of hydrating ingredients that help restore your skin’s radiance and glow. Instead of bringing that facial cream or serum container, sheet masks can be a great alternative because they’re sleek and won’t consume much space in your travel case.

4. Sunscreen 

This should have been number one on the list, especially if you’re traveling during the sunny/hotter part of the year. It is a travel staple you can’t afford to leave behind if you want to come back with your skin looking superb from the trip. 

5. Facial Moisturizer

Skin dryness is quite common when traveling, especially during long-distance trips. With a facial moisturizer in your skincare paraphernalia, you won’t have to worry about skin breakouts. Make sure to apply moisturizer often and always before boarding your flight.

5. Eye Cream and Lip Gel 

The eyes and lips also take a significant beating when vacationing. You don’t want your eyes getting dry or puffy, and the lips chapping or flaking. This is why packing some eye cream and lip gel is essential.

We all love trips; some of us actually can’t wait to go on the next vacation. However, it is essential to pack the essentials you need during your trip, including the above skincare items. By choosing organic products, you are protecting the environment while protecting your skin from the harmful effects of chemical and synthetic products.