Travelling is one of the greatest and most popular hobbies a lot of people love. It is fun, you see beautiful places and cultures, and meet new people. Some would rather travel every day of the year rather than go back to their normal, boring lives.

This may sound like a pipe dream, especially because you need to have an income that sustains you while traveling. Worry not, because there are many jobs you can do while traveling.

They are fun, and you earn a pretty decent income from them too! Before packing your bags and going for an adventure, here are some of the jobs you can do to make money while traveling:

1. Short-term Jobs on Working Holiday Visa

Some countries have working holiday visa programs to allow people to visit them and work for up to 12 months. Such countries include Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and many more.

You can visit the countries and explore them while also working to make money. This is a good opportunity for you if you are young because the age limit for such visas is usually from 18-35 years.

One minor limitation is that some countries need proof that you have a stable income before you benefit from this program. They do this to ensure that you can support yourself if you don’t land a job in the country before the visa expires.

It is good to do some research before traveling to any country offering such a program. That way, you are better prepared before seeking the visa, including saving some money to fulfill the income requirement-if you can. Aside from that, this is a really cool travel-while-you-earn program.

2. Freelance Writer/ Blogger

Freelance writing and blogging are arguably some of the most flexible jobs in this digital age. A freelance writer or blogger can work from the comfort of their home and at whatever time they like.

There are many ways to earn from your writing passion while traveling for as long as you want to. Other bloggers and publications can hire you for copywriting or article writing services. All you need is your laptop and a stable internet connection, and your work won’t be interrupted even when you travel.

Blogging is another exciting venture that has caught on among many people. Travel blogging, in particular, is a fun way to sightsee the world and document it for your followers to see. With this job, you give your fans glimpses of the fun activities and breathtaking sites you visit while traveling. When you grow your audience, brands notice your work and can pay you handsomely to advertise their products or services on your platform.

3. Virtual Assistant

This is another job that utilizes the convenience and ease of using technology to connect to other people worldwide in seconds. This job comes hot on the heels of freelance blogging and writing.

This is because you can do it from your home, café, or hotel room if you are traveling. More companies and entrepreneurs are warming up to the idea of hiring virtual assistants to help them with certain tasks.

The tasks include website maintenance, web design, market research, social media management, email admin, writing, and editing. If you have good planning, organization, and research skills, this is the job for you.

You also need excellent communication skills, including a good grasp of English (or whatever language your client may prefer). You can carry out your administration role as a virtual assistant while touring the world, earning a decent income while at it. You will only need your laptop and a reliable internet connection to do this job from wherever you are.

4. Housesitting

Yes, housesitting is an actual job, and it earns people money while they travel. As the name suggests, Housesitting involves taking care of somebody’s house. It could also involve taking care of their pets, so pet lovers will appreciate this kind of job.

House sitters can work anywhere they travel, and some homeowners will pay them well for their services. However, this job is mostly associated with working in exchange for accommodation. Staying in hotels can be pretty expensive, so housesitting can help you save up your precious coins for other pressing expenses.

5. Beauty Therapist

No place on earth exists where beauty isn’t appreciated. A lot of people would pay well to look and feel good. So, licensed beauty therapists can find work wherever they travel around the world.

Hotels, spas, and cruise ships often hire beauty therapists to offer services to expatriates. Clients appreciate and relate to service providers who speak and understand their languages. For instance, if you are a beauty therapist from China traveling in Canada, spas may hire your services for their Chinese clients. You can only provide this service if you have the relevant work permits.

6. Teaching English

Good old teaching is another popular way to make money while traveling worldwide. Teaching English to non-natives is in high demand now than ever before. Being an English teacher can be quite a challenging yet lucrative and rewarding business venture.

Jobs While Traveling
Teaching English. Photo by NeONBRAND on

You can earn decent wages by teaching the language in countries you visit, including Korea, the Middle East, China, Eastern Europe, and Thailand. Other perks you can earn as a foreign English teacher include holiday bonuses or free air tickets if you teach for a whole year at a school. It is best to acquire a TESOL or TEFL certificate to qualify for such a job, albeit not mandatory.

7. Allied Health Professional

The CoronaVirus pandemic revealed how healthcare systems experienced a healthcare worker shortage in some countries. The shortage is a major thorn in the flesh for many countries, hence the growing demand for experienced health professionals.

Coronavirus aside, there has also been a shortage of Allied Health Professionals in disability and aged care sectors. Australia, for instance, has experienced this dire situation.

You can apply for such a job to help fill in the gap. Not only will you experience a renewed sense of fulfillment helping unwell people, but you will also earn a decent income. And, you can work anywhere in the world as a health worker, provided you have the necessary qualifications. The qualifications you need include having an Allied Health Professional certification and fluency in English.

8. Fruit picking

Fruit picking is a pretty popular job, especially in Australia. And this job is perfect for travelers seeking a second-year visa in this country. While fruit-picking may sound boring, you can have fun with your colleagues while at it.

The rewards you can get from this venture include accommodation and board. And, you interact with new people from all over the world, strike meaningful friendships, and make long-lasting memories!

9. Working in a Hostel

Traveling and tight on a budget? No worries! You can work in a hostel to help you save up some money. It is unlikely that you will receive a salary from this job, but you receive free meals and a roof on top of your head every day.

Working in a hostel for a few weeks can sort out your basic needs and help you cut unnecessary costs while figuring out your next destination.


These are the 9 great jobs you can do while traveling the world. Aside from earning you income, food, or a place to stay, these jobs allow you to have fun while working. You also meet new people and build your connections, perfect for social bees whose cup of tea isn’t staying confined to one location for the rest of their lives! So best of luck, and feel free to share with us the excitement and experience of your travels!