Were you traveling on holiday and became ill or got injured? If something happens to you during a medical treatment – you could be entitled to make a medical negligence claim. This is true for travelers who have suffered medical negligence in a number of circumstances, including care following a slip, trip or fall, care after sporting, skiing or road traffic accidents, emergency admissions, and more.

Medical negligence claims for accidents that happened while you were on a trip can be complicated, so you should first understand a little bit more about the topic.

If you have suffered medical negligence while on a getaway or holiday, it’s only natural to want to receive compensation for the losses. But what exactly is medical negligence?

What is medical negligence? 

Medical negligence is a little bit like malpractice: if care has been provided wrongly to you, then you might have a case. A claim could be done if your doctor failed to support their duty to you, and as a result – you’ve been suffering. There are many ways in which a medical specialist can fail, anywhere in the world, including failing to spot illnesses or spotting the wrong ones. 

Alternatively, your GP might prescribe you medication without inspecting medical records for allergies, or anything that could cause side effects. You could make a claim against a doctor in these cases, even if it happened while you’re on a trip abroad.

It goes without saying that medical professionals should do anything to prevent any harm to their patients. The vast majority of medical negligence is not because a doctor might want to intentionally hurt you, but because of human error. Still, if it’s proven that a doctor could have avoided a mistake, then you’re likely to have a case. That’s when it’s called medical malpractice, or medical negligence. 

In order for you to be able to make a claim, you must have suffered an illness or a severe injury, and as a result, you’ve been physically or mentally affected. If an unpleasant incident had happened but you haven’t been injured, then you might not be eligible to make a claim. Otherwise, even the slightest injury can be represented in court. 

If you need to make such a claim, you better contact a specialist such as Medical Negligence Assist, who can answer all your questions and do the job for you. 

The Different Types of Medical Compensation Claims 

Medical negligence can lead to all types of harm, including mild injuries and severe illnesses, which can be life-changing. It’s not always clear how medical negligence occurred, and it might take some time until a person can learn about what happened to them, and how they can receive compensation. In the meantime, it could be a delay in receiving compensation from the negligence a person suffered, just because they don’t know how to handle the situation. 

In terms of becoming a victim of medical negligence, don’t worry, you are not alone. Whatever might be your situation, you could be eligible to make a claim for your suffering, which can involve:

  • Brain injury
  • Neck injury
  • Spinal damage
  • Childhood brain injury can lead to cerebral palsy 
  • Orthopedic negligence
  • Private treatment error
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Cancer negligence
  • Surgical injury 
  • Anesthesia errors

To take a medical negligence compensation claim onward, it’s crucial to understand the steps in which this type of malpractice happens. 

  • Gross Negligence 
  • Contributory Negligence
  • Vicarious Liability 

Each case of medical negligence might be different, as people are affected differently. Thus, there aren’t two cases the same, so the compensation might vary depending on how much you’ve been suffering. 

If you believe that you might be eligible to make a medical negligence claim over something that happened to you on your getaway abroad, then you should seek legal advice at the earliest possible. Victims of medical negligence have a date limit of three years from the day that happened to begin their claim. The date is when you realized that you’ve been medically neglected, or received the wrong treatment. The laws are different when it comes to children under the age of 18 years old. Since the day they turn 18, they have 3 years in which they can file a claim. Similarly, the claim could be filed before this period of time. To find the right time of how much compensation you might be entitled to claim, you can use a medical negligence compensation calculator. 

Is Medical Negligence on the Rise?

The annual reports show the rising costs and numbers of clinical negligence, as the claims are being made against organizations at a steady rate. 

Dealing with these negligence claims still remains a concern, and at the present, the claims rise up to  £83.4 billion. 

These are the topmost frequent medical claims made to branches, including the NHS:

  • Obstetrics
  • Emergency medicine
  • Orthopedic injury 

Regardless of the type of medical negligence you’ve suffered, if you believe that your healthcare provider is the one to blame, then you might be able to make a claim. Contact your lawyer to learn more about your rights. 

Legally speaking, to have valid rights to make a claim, it’s not enough for the health provider to simply provide wrong medical care. The treatment must have somehow caused you harm. So, when such things happen, the patient has 100% the right to pursue compensation for medical neglect. 

What Information is Necessary for a Lawyer to Represent Your Case in Court?

A clinical negligence solicitor must know (in detail) everything about your medical experience, and how you think the doctor was negligent. It’s crucial to talk to a lawyer immediately after the harm was caused to you. 

Such events are best to be told soon after the incident when you’re still fresh and accurate. Otherwise, some details might remain unrevealed because they’ve been forgotten. It’s also more beneficial to get in touch with a lawyer that might be able to represent your time, as you might find it more difficult to make a claim after months after the negligence took place. 

If you believe you’re been suffering because of medical negligence, you should find a specialist advisor as soon as possible to make a claim for compensation. 

Please keep in mind that everyone is eligible to receive healthcare of the expected standard. No one chooses or should be treated with the least care. Still, if you are unfortunate to be a victim of medical negligence, you’re free to speak to an advisor and ask for compensation. 

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