Specialists agree that the best time to study a foreign language is if you’re involved in it, like when you are traveling. Visiting a different country before being entirely fluent in its language, on the other hand, can be intimidating. Fortunately for you, this is a rather typical event.

But, let’s consider your personal experience: how would you react if you met someone who was battling with your native tongue? It’s nice to meet somebody who is beginning to learn your tongue, right? As a native, you could be eager to show tourists through your city and teach them the vocabulary they’ll need to get about.

So, when you travel, it’s good to know a little of the language. It can be difficult to choose which language learning strategies will be most beneficial to you. That’s why we listed 5 tools to learn a new language while traveling.

They will help you to rekindle and revitalize your interest in studying a different language, or improve upon the outstanding skills you’ve previously acquired. 

How To Learn a New Language  

When we talk about traveling, besides traveling tricks, there are language tricks that you need to know as a way to learn the languages of the country you go to. And the best way is to take some learning apps with you. So, we listed the 5 learning apps that will help you improve outstanding language skills while you are abroad. 

  • Duolingo 

Duolingo, an iPhone, and an Android app are some of the most effective free language learning applications available. There are now eight languages available including the most popular European languages such as Italian, German, French, and Spanish. Duolingo begins by teaching you some of its most fundamental terms that you must get around in a nation, rather than stages of extreme intensity such as levels one, two, and three. 

Every new skill expands on what you’ve already acquired in terms of vocabulary and grammar. Duolingo’s framework is much more natural and gratis than a typical foreign language college course. So rather than learning individual pronunciation, you study entire words and sentences at a time. And each topic and ability you master after that flows naturally from the previous one.

  • Busuu 

Busuu is a gratis language learning site and app for both iPhones and Androids. Do you want to study a language that isn’t European? For example, Japanese? Chinese? Then Busuu is your friend. Busuu will provide you with common European languages like German, Spanish, French, but it also will let you learn Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, etc. 

For example, if you want to learn Vietnamese, and need additional translation, you can use one of the top Vietnamese translation services to help you out. With its language learning software, Busuu uses a flexible immersion method. There are about 150 units organized into a variety of prepared lessons. Both pictures and sounds are used in these lessons. 

  • Lingua.ly

Lingua.ly is yet another nice free language-learning resource! You can use Lingua.ly to search the web for vocabulary terms you would like to study or need to master from actual articles in your chosen language, and afterward, add them to the Lingua.ly account. You will be given definitions for your vocabulary words once you have entered them into the application. The software will then divide your new vocabulary into a manageable review process. Also will mix your phrases and words just to ensure that you don’t skip any.

  • Polyglot

Polyglot isn’t a full-fledged language teaching system. It is, nevertheless, an amazing free language study resource to have on board. It can be used in conjunction with any other language learning software, and it can even be used when actively reading in a dialect to allow you to learn the terms you do not even know. Polyglot is similar to an online memorization database. Instead of choosing from a series of pre memories, you have to make yourself.

  • Livemocha

Livemocha takes a novel method to both assist you in learning a second language and making the application free: you communicate (virtually, of course!) with a natural speaker of the language you’re studying who is a member of the Livemocha network. As a result, rather than having a teacher or system software, you have some other members of this plan assisting you in learning a foreign language. You can not only have virtual chats with some other Livemocha users, but they can also edit, evaluate, and provide comments on all of your workouts.


Knowing another language, regardless if you are traveling, or just want to speak a new one, is a fantastic opportunity to engage with the large network of a global community. While it may appear to be an insurmountable undertaking, nothing is difficult if you use a few apps in your daily routine. Accept the educational journey that lies ahead of you, try out new and inventive languages learning techniques, and get ready to expand your linguistic horizons!