A pre-wedding shoot is a trend where a couple hires a photographer to create a small album of lovely romantic photos, a few months before the wedding. This will be a part of the wedding album and pretty memories are created and captured during this time. Some go a long way and travel to their dream city to do their pre-wedding shoot. 

They get to travel a bit and have fun, while making romantic pics right before their wedding which they can also display during the wedding. Couples can also get to know their photographer well during this short trip, and the photographer can get the feel of the couple. 

You can also understand if the photographer’s work matches your requirement for wedding photos. Photography is an art and each photographer has a different style. You can check if this style fits with your sense of aesthetics. But we are here for the location, and the short trip there. Location is so important in all photos, no matter if it’s a wedding or not. But for your most special day of your life – it has to be perfect. So, if you’re going to do it in London –  here are five locations in the British capital where you can go for a beautiful pre-wedding shoot.

1. Greenwich Park

One of London’s royal parks and the birthplace of King Henry the VIII, Greenwich Park is beautiful and offers scenic views over the city. A large green space, it is also a former hunting park. There is a Royal Observatory atop the hill and it offers views of the Canary Wharf and Millennium Dome. 

The rose garden, duck pond and Roman remains offer cool backgrounds for romantic photoshoots. It is one of those places in London, which offer a variety of backgrounds and locations in one go. Although it is in London, it has a village-like feel to it. Open spaces, a river, historical buildings and restaurants, you can find all here. It has a lot of local landmarks in and around along with stunning views for that perfect shot.

2. The Vaults

Leake Street or the Vaults have some excellent pieces of street art. The light on the street can also be used to play with the backgrounds and looks of the photographs. Because the walls are continuously changing, not all couples will have the same photographs. 

The tunnels also have a lot of restaurants and pubs. Couples can show off their engagement rings London and get clicked. Those who want a unique background, funky pictures and some eccentric new art piece in the background can pick Leake Street as a cool location.

3. Primrose Hill

Located in the northwest of London, Primrose Hill has some promising views. It is an absolutely lovely spot to watch sunsets and have a picnic. It is very close to Camden Canal and Regents Park, other locations for pre-wedding photos. Colourful houses make this area look like a small, quaint village, perfect for romantic portraits. 

Early mornings are best as there aren’t many people around and you can get the shot you desired. The busier parts of Primrose Hill have restaurants, cafes and bookshops. Although there is a steep climb, it also offers a cool view of London.

4. St Dunstan

If historic buildings and artistic ruins are more your cup of tea, then try St Dunstan in the East. It is a ruined church that is open to the public. The roof doesn’t exist and there is plenty of light falling inside. There is no permit needed to shoot and you can get splendid shots with your partner. 

The former cathedral was almost destroyed in a bombing, but the walls still stand. The lush landscape is overgrown with vines, wall climbing flowers, and green trees. Photographers can get good angles for couples at this place.

5. Regents Park

Regents Park has a zoo and gardens in an open area. However, you may require a 125-pound permit for an hour. Bridges, a bandstand and a lake for boating offer good props for the background. 

It can get busy due to multiple activities available but it also offers epic views. Couples can show off their fancy jewellery with the green background. These days, the trend is jewellery made of lab grown diamonds in London, but any type of stones will look good in Regents Park, just click and post on Instagram! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you’d like to read more about London – check this short guide for first-timers. And if you’re doing a longer trip in the UK – check out these destinations you should consider.